What Element Are You?

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Water, Fire, Earth, Wind, or Light?

  • 1
    You have 5 choices of something to do to kill your free period. What do you do? (Out of these)
    Take a walk in the forest/Sit and just read.
    Listen to music, watch a movie, or get on the Internet.
    Study or plan something. I need to do something productive.
    It depends on how long the free period is and my mood.
    Chill out with friends. Text/Facebook/Email, any form of communication.
  • 2
    Pick the job you would have as an oldie.
    Park Ranger. I can be around nature every day.
    Aerobics teacher! Get those arms up!
    Golfer. It would be so fun, and I wouldn't even have to carry me clubs and stuff.
    Red Hatter. I need people around me at all times.
    Librarian. I'm surrounded by books and I can tell people to be quiet.
  • 3
    Which subject are you most likely to study in college?
    English, Photography, or Engineering of any sort.
    Sports or something fun.
    Teaching of any grade or psychology.
    Biology, Physics, or some kind of science.
    Law, history, or linguistics.
  • 4
    You were assigned to write a persuasive essay. What's the topic?
    School whether it be year round, normal months, home school, private, or public.
    Texting while driving or overusing phone minutes monthly.
    Equal rights: Adult and child. No parent should live their child's life.
    Pollution, global warming, or recycling.
    World Peace! No more war!
  • 5
    What is your all-time worst fear?
    Going broke completely or losing my home.
    Failing at anything. Dying. Losing someone I love.
    Being hated by everyone. Clowns or dolls or puppets.
    Being stranded alone with no communication.
    An animal. Some natural disaster.
  • 6
    Your house is burning down. You have the chance to go in and save one thing. (Assume you don't already have anything.) What is it?
    My phone or iPod. Or money.
    Anything whatsoever. I just need to remember home.
    A book or something.
    Nothing. I'd rather stay alive.
    A photo or a journal or something that takes me back to my memories.
  • 7
    Which plant do you THINK is most like you based on the description?
    Coral. I'm tough and strong willed but I have a sensitive and kind side.
    Lily pad. I'm smart, simple, and I tend to prove myself.
    Pine tree. Calm, welcoming, generous.
    Rose. I'm mostly talkative and friendly, but I can get mad easily.
    Moss. I can be comfortable just about anywhere, and I am free-spirited.
  • 8
    Which genre describes your life?
    Realistic Fiction. My life is pretty simple.
    Probably Sci Fi. Weird things happen to me...
    Historical Fiction. My family is pretty traditional, and we don't really use electronics.
    Mystery or suspense. I probably have the world's most unpredictable life.
    Fantasy. Or at least close to it. I live in a fairytale:)
  • 9
    Your dream guy/girl is:
    Good looking, popular, funny.
    Understanding, free-spirited, outgoing.
    Confident, trustworthy, able to calm me when I'm angry.
    Generous, somewhat intelligent, honest.
    Wise, modest, subtle, gentle.
  • 10
    If you had a time machine, you would:
    Go to the distant past to see what it was like then.
    Go back to my best memory and relive it again and again.
    Go back in time and change something that I wish never happened.
    Go forward in time to get prepared for what's ahead.
    Go to the future and use the knowledge and prevent something from happening.
  • 11
    Which is most important to you?
    Knowledge, education, and prudence.
    My friends, phone/iPod, and food.
    The basics: Food, water, shelter. Forgiveness.
    Following my heart. Living life the fullest. Making a difference.
    Love, peace, happiness, and entertainment.
  • 12
    You are walking down the street or somewhere when you see your crush (assuming you have one). You:
    Get embarrassed but start talking to them, or just say hi.
    Just ignore him/her. Act normal.
    Start whispering to my friends, telling them to hide me.
    Hope my friends don't make it obvious I like them. Or hope they don't notice me.
    Flirt or show off. Do something to impress them.
  • 13
    What flaw do you hate most about yourself?
    I get angry too easily.
    I'm a bit shy.
    I tend to space out a lot.
    I think I'm socially awkward.
    I talk too much.
  • 14
    Pick one:
    : D

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