Are you an Entrepreneur?

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The most important question to evaluate yourself when you are thinking of start a business is ask "Am I the type?"

You will be the most important employee in your business. It is more important that you rate yourself objectively as a business manager than how you rate any prospective operator of your own small business, acknowledge that you are weak in certain areas and cover the deficiency by either retraining yourself or hiring the personal traits important to a business manager.

Instructions: Read each question and click on one of the suggested answers. Respond by marking the answer that most accurately describes your behavior, feeling or attitude as it actually is, not as you would like it to be, or think it should. You must be absolutely honest with yourself in order to get a valid score.

  • 1
    Do you start doing things on your own?
    If someone gets me started, I keep going all right.
    I am easy going. I don't put myself out until I have to.
    I do things my own way. Nobody needs to tell me to get going.
  • 2
    How do you Feel about other people?
    Most people bug me.
    I have enough friends and I don't need anyone else.
    I like people. I can get along with just about anyone.
  • 3
    Can you Lead others?
    I can lead most people to go along with me without much difficulty.
    I usually let someone else get things moving.
    I can get people to do things if I drive them.

  • 4
    How responsible are you?
    There is always some one eager around waiting to show off. I would let him be responsible..
    I would rather let someone else be responsible, but I will take over if I have to
    I like to take charge and see things through.
  • 5
    How good are you in Organizing?
    I take things as they come.
    I like to have a plan before I start. I'm usually line up things well.
    I do all well until things gets too complicated. Then I may quit.
  • 6
    How good a Worker are You?
    I can keep working hard as long as necessary. I don't mind working hard.
    I don't see that hard work gets you anywhere.
    I will work hard for a time, I will be content when I have had enough.

  • 7
    Can you Make Decisions?
    I don't like to be the one who decides things. I would probably not do well.
    I can if I have plenty of time. If I have to make a quick decision, I usually regret it
    I can make up my mind in a hurry if necessary, and my decision is usually O.K.
  • 8
    Can people Trust what You Say?
    I try to be on the level, but sometimes I just say what's easiest.
    Why to say things right, if the other fellow doesn't know the difference.
    They sure can. I don't say things I don't mean.
  • 9
    How persistent are you?
    I usually finish what I start.
    If I make up my mind to do something, I don't let anything stop me.
    If a job doesn't go right, I will quit. Why to waste time?

  • 10
    How good are you in keeping Records?
    Since they are needed I will keep records, even though I don't want to.
    I don't think Records are that important. I know what's need to be known without keeping records.
    I can, but it's more important to get the work done than to shuffle numbers

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