What elf kingdom do you belong to?

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Ever wondered if you would live in Rivendell, Lothlorien, or Mirkwood? Find out in this quiz!

  • 1
    Who is your favourite character?
  • 2
    What do you usually wear?
    Amazingly beautiful clothes, that make me look rich and elegant. If I was in Middle Earth, I would wear silk robes that reached the ground.
    Clothes that are comfortable to wear and that will let me climb trees and go on adventures easily. I absolutely REFUSE to wear dresses and skirts.
    Light coloured clothes, usually pretty but elegant at the same time. I care for what people think about me, so I always dress in the latest fashions.
  • 3
    What would you rather be doing?
    Sit in the sun, thinking, looking over an overwhelming landscape and maybe reading a book.
    Running around in the forest, looking for adventures and pretending to shoot with your imaginary bow.
    Sitting under a beautiful willow tree, singing songs and reciting poems with all the birds singing along to your tune and flying next to you.
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    Where would you rather live?
    In the depths of a forest, away from civilization, hunting and gathering berries for food and surviving the dangerous animals that live there.
    A beautiful forest, with grassy clearings, butterflies and all sorts of animals that you can tame with your charming voice.
    In a sunlit valley, with many trees and plains to run around freely and also a river that I can swim in the summer.
  • 5
    What do you like to eat?
    Anything tasty. I don't mind meat but since I'm an elf I prefer fruit, bread and vegetables. I can eat anything as long as I survive.
    I'm rather picky but I like mostly fruit and small snacks, as I have to keep my slender shape.
    Huge, varied selections of honey roasted bread, chocolate, potatoes, juice, the tastiest fruit, cakes of all sort... the list would go on forever
  • 6
    What music do you like?
    Happy, nice music such as pop or classical music.
    Soft, slow, mysterious music that almost enchants the listener with its beauty.
    Exiting and fast music that makes me go rather hyperactive and want to start to sword fight and shoot with a bow and arrow.
  • 7
    What is your personality like?
    Adventurous and brave, usually too active and impatient.
    Elegant but also daring and brave when needed. I am usually calm and understanding.
    Calm and charming. I am very generous but sometimes I can be over sensitive to what people say.
  • 8
    Do you think that you are beautiful/ handsome?
    Yes, I am beautiful in every single way. I am kind to people and that makes most of my beauty.
    Uhh... Why would I need to think about that? Its all in your personality... (Actually, I'd prefer not to say, but of course I am! I'm an elf, right?)
    Yes. My smile melts the most hardest hearts and my gaze enchants every man/woman!
  • 9
    You find an injured animal. What do you do?
    Sing a beautiful song and canalize nature's energy to heal it.
    Take it to my den in the forest and heal it with my special plants and herbs. I know all the secrets of the forest and it's plants!
    Take it as fast as I can to my people's healers, sending a telepathic message so they are ready,
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    What would you like the results to be?

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