Are You Lesbian, Bisexual, Bi-Curious or Straight?

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Are you uncertain a about your sexual orientation? Than this is the quiz for you! Upon completion, you will find out weather you are straight, bi-curious, bisexual or lesbian.

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    Do you find yourself attracted to men?

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No. (19324)
193 days ago
Guys have crushes on me but I am lesbian... all the girls in my school are straight exept me and my friend, we would never crush on each other, we like other girls, but they are straight, and so... its diffulcult. Multiple guys have told us they like us, its um awkarward. My friends know, my parents dont.. Any advice?

Also, to the people leaving hate comments, take a chill pill. Some people like their own sex, is that ok? Or is Jesus going to disaprove? Guess what? We dont care. If you think were going to hell, may I point out that there is no proof hell exsists, and also ok, have fun being straight, according to you that means heaven is coming your way. The whole heaven thing is supposed to be for good people, so I dont really get why you are leaving mean comments, thats really dumb. Lesbian people are doing nothing wrong, but you are, by trying to make us hate ourselves. If heaven is real, ( I dont really think it is, but if you beileve, keep doing that, there is nothing wrong with it.) all the strong lesbains and gays who dont let people push them down will be there, while YOU rot in hell. Ok, sorry just had to say that.

To young lesibians with christan parents: You like your own sex, it is not a sickness that should be " Cured". You love your own sex, and thats fine. Your parents should not try to stop you. Marry who you love, not who your parents want you to love. Enjoy your life, dont make it sad becasue your hiding something and are afraid.

You got: 62% lesbian, 23% bisexulal, 15% bu curious, and 0% straight.

Also, guys dont entirley trust this quiz. Talk to your friends, or a lesbian adult online, or IRL to figure out how you feel. Dont feel pushed to be straight, lesbian or whatevr your results were.
Angel hunter (76329)
196 days ago
it said would you give head to a man or eat out a women kind of question is that
Natalia (70665)
200 days ago
77% Lesbian.
Im only 12 years old
Kat (00847)
203 days ago
31% Bisexual
31% Bi-curious
23% Lesbian
15% Straight
Funny, I've had a ton of huge crushes on guys and I've only had feelings for 1 hurt ever, and they're small but I've had them the longest. I guess I like both but I've always identified as straight since I'd really only liked guys... but I've had feelings for my BFF in the back of my mind for something like 1 year and a half
Anni hollisor (57517)
203 days ago
I'm thirteen and I scored 100%bisexual and I'm also Christian with Christian parents I want to tell them but I'm scared that they will be mad or disappointed if I tell them
lucy tyler (36702)
208 days ago
sooo again no one knows it says
31% bisexual
31% lesbian soo yeah
then it says my results are unknown
then it says 23% curious
and 15% straight
NOOT NOOT (44771)
209 days ago
Idek what's happening with all the hate comments... It makes me so self conscious, the sexuality of someone else shouldn't concern you anyways and why did you take this quiz..?? Smh
Cupcake (41702)
209 days ago
46% bicurious
31% straight
15% bisexual
8% lesbian
Charlotte Orourke (82335)
210 days ago
Yes I knew I was bisexual
By the looks if the quiz
Me (51890)
213 days ago
To all of te young "lesbians": ridiculous. Ur too young to think that and u will regret taking action on ur "feelings" later in life. I have a cousin and sister's friend who wish they were never lesbian
Me (51890)
213 days ago
I'm glad I'm straight, no offense but I find liking the same💗so odd
Gabby L. (99710)
217 days ago
I am in the same situation!! Im afraid to tell my parents becuz they r sooooooo sensitive and strict......Only my 2 besties know....and tbh, i feel weird not telling them.
imi (50427)
218 days ago
I'm 12 turning 13 in 8 months and I'm bisexual, but my parents don't know about it , only my ex girlfriend and ex boyfriend .
Alice (03551)
222 days ago
lol I'm 89% lesbian 1% straight and 10% bisexual and 0% bi-curious
Someone too young to know well enough (16107)
222 days ago
@unicorn, did you figure this out? I cannot figure out in myself if it even my imagination or not.
Thomeriah (89760)
223 days ago
No I never we'll kiss a girl
Cinnamon (22305)
224 days ago
I is 38% bi-curious and straight, 15% bi-sexual and 8% lesbian.
Ayushi (26841)
225 days ago
I am a leasbian and i am dating one girl for the last 7 years now she is loosing intrest in girls everytime she insults me i never imagine my single day with her.
I love her so much but now she said you are not a boy and i am not leasbian .
What to do i want a girlfriend so that she can take care of me and i am promise i will take care of you pls help me.
I am very depressed
:) :) (83014)
227 days ago
I need help i am 13 And completely lost in my feelings. My parents are christen and really religous. I don't know what to do does. Does anyone have any advice for me ???
These were my test scores.
54% Lesbian
31% Bi-sexual
15% Straight
0% Bi-curious
Please help me!!!!!!!
UNICORN (25355)
228 days ago
I am only 11 turning 12 I told my school friend I felt attracted to female(p.s I am female) and male she understood as she use to think the same thing she told me it was a passing thing but it's been 2 months and my feeling are grew stronger for both gender in This test it told me I was 38% bi-curious 38% biesexual 15%straight and only8%lesdian I don't know what to say isnt beign bio mean I should be more lesbian than the rest and even to the men??? I'm so young what will I tell my mother........plz help comment if I'm just going threw a faze or is this now my life? Thanks for taking ur time to read this xxxx