Are You Lesbian, Bisexual, Bi-Curious or Straight?

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Are you uncertain a about your sexual orientation? Than this is the quiz for you! Upon completion, you will find out weather you are straight, bi-curious, bisexual or lesbian.

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    Do you find yourself attracted to men?
    Of Course
    Not At All
    Yes, but not only men

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sophia ( 27493 )
Posted 104 days ago
cant believe I'm 46% bisexual and 38% lesbian
girl680 ( 97812 )
Posted 105 days ago
Can't believe i'm bisexual. Im so attracted to guys but i've always wanted to be with a woman.
victoriaorton ( 54023 )
Posted 105 days ago
I'm 11 what am I doing with my life?

I guess I'm a lesbian
Hope ( 62567 )
Posted 106 days ago
I think I might be bisexual
Katelyn Mai ( 44244 )
Posted 106 days ago
I'm Bisexual.
Well I knew that but I wanted to make sure:
Because I've dated 1 guy but broke up due to us not really working.

And I had a crush on this girl so-
Girlx4243 ( 34442 )
Posted 106 days ago
I already knew I was slightly attracted to girls but this made think about it more I'm only 12 but ya know I can't control it
Imagirl ( 33540 )
Posted 107 days ago
YES!!!! I'm 12 so if you think I'm to young TO BAD because I already knew I'm BISEXUAL so get over it and I would love to go out with you ( only if 12-15 girl or boy )
Maritza ( 11096 )
Posted 107 days ago
Wow i truly am bisexual
Hunter ( 94706 )
Posted 109 days ago
Cool I'm bisexual so cool
Rmma ( 94843 )
Posted 109 days ago
Lots of boys ask me out but we always break up because I font like those boys and I think I don't like any boys because I'm not in to them. But if I tell my family I know they would look down on me and never talk to me again.
Maddi ( 18286 )
Posted 110 days ago
I'm straight!!!😁😁😁
hithisisi ( 62451 )
Posted 112 days ago
oh gee i'm lesbian/bisexual aaaaaaaa
Imacutie ( 10570 )
Posted 112 days ago
Im 12 years old n IM STRAIGHT
EllaBella12 ( 64776 )
Posted 118 days ago
I'm 12 just sayin'. I thought it would come up bisexual but I guess I'm a lesbian? ⚢
my name ( 37021 )
Posted 118 days ago
Im 11 i don't know what im doing whit my life...

But i am a lesbian
Ravenclawgirl555 ( 22155 )
Posted 134 days ago
To all people who have posted homophobic responses,
Stop being ridiculous! Some people are attracted to their own gender, some people aren't, and some people are attracted to both: It's all love, it's all equal and it should all be respected.
A young straight girl who is frustrated at people bullying her friend.
No. ( 19324 )
Posted 136 days ago
Guys have crushes on me but I am lesbian... all the girls in my school are straight exept me and my friend, we would never crush on each other, we like other girls, but they are straight, and so... its diffulcult. Multiple guys have told us they like us, its um awkarward. My friends know, my parents dont.. Any advice?

Also, to the people leaving hate comments, take a chill pill. Some people like their own sex, is that ok? Or is Jesus going to disaprove? Guess what? We dont care. If you think were going to hell, may I point out that there is no proof hell exsists, and also ok, have fun being straight, according to you that means heaven is coming your way. The whole heaven thing is supposed to be for good people, so I dont really get why you are leaving mean comments, thats really dumb. Lesbian people are doing nothing wrong, but you are, by trying to make us hate ourselves. If heaven is real, ( I dont really think it is, but if you beileve, keep doing that, there is nothing wrong with it.) all the strong lesbains and gays who dont let people push them down will be there, while YOU rot in hell. Ok, sorry just had to say that.

To young lesibians with christan parents: You like your own sex, it is not a sickness that should be " Cured". You love your own sex, and thats fine. Your parents should not try to stop you. Marry who you love, not who your parents want you to love. Enjoy your life, dont make it sad becasue your hiding something and are afraid.

You got: 62% lesbian, 23% bisexulal, 15% bu curious, and 0% straight.

Also, guys dont entirley trust this quiz. Talk to your friends, or a lesbian adult online, or IRL to figure out how you feel. Dont feel pushed to be straight, lesbian or whatevr your results were.
Angel hunter ( 76329 )
Posted 140 days ago
💗 it said would you give head to a man or eat out a women 💗 kind of question is that
Natalia ( 70665 )
Posted 143 days ago
77% Lesbian.
Im only 12 years old
Kat ( 00847 )
Posted 147 days ago
31% Bisexual
31% Bi-curious
23% Lesbian
15% Straight
Funny, I've had a ton of huge crushes on guys and I've only had feelings for 1 hurt ever, and they're small but I've had them the longest. I guess I like both but I've always identified as straight since I'd really only liked guys... but I've had feelings for my BFF in the back of my mind for something like 1 year and a half