Which warrior cat are you?

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Personality- this personality quiz is based on real cats from Erin Hunter series. Be honest!

  • 1
    You find a strange cat on your territory when your hunting with your friends, but your friends don't notice, what do you do?
    Prepare to fight, but hold the quarrel until question
    Question them, then drive them out
    Sneak up on them kill them with one blow to the neck
    I wouldn't be hunting though, but I would question them
  • 2
    Your friend broke the warrior code and the don't want you to tell, what do you do?
    Try to keep it a secret but tell only one person
    Tell the leader because I try to follow the warrior cat
    Keep it a secret with lies
    Keep it a secret, I'm loyal to my friend
  • 3
    What fur color do you have?
    Dark brown
    Pure white
    Light ginger
  • 4
    What's your favorite color?
  • 5
    Now you're an apprentice and your mentor gives you the day off, what do you do?
    Find herbs around the forest
    Think of ways to help my clan
    Hunt and do border patrols
  • 6
    What's your favorite kind of prey?
  • 7
    Who do you want to be your favorite family member?
  • 8
    How would you describe yourself?
    Revenge crazed and energetic
    Loyal and intelligent
    Stubborn and tough
    Caring and calm
  • 9
    What would you do to your apprentice?
    Teach it all my herbs and StarClan signs
    Teach it my ways of the warrior code
    I will teach it loyalties.
    Train it fighting and hunting
  • 10
    Would you ever kill a cat
    No unless he/she tried to kill me or my mate first
    Never I'm a medicine cat
    Yes if he/she broke the warrior code
    Of course not unless my loyalties were threatened