What group do you belong in? GIRLS ONLY.

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Slutty, Random, Goth, Nerd, or prep?

  • 1
    Hello! What are you doing?
    Experimenting with this cool toad I got!
    Taking this test.: l
    Cheer Leading Or Flirting With The Jocks!
    Driving to a strip club.
    Making this boring lizard starve.
  • 2
    Pick a color.
    Black, it is dark and mysterious.
    Pink! Only Popular People Like Pink!
    Yellow or anything neon except neon pink. THEM COLORS ARE SO BRIGHT!
    Purple, the color of that sexy bra at my favorite store!
    Green! The color of the interesting trees I have!
  • 3
    What do you describe yourself?
    Smart, studious, and... I guess cool too!
    Sexy, fashionable, revealing, and of course, horny!
    Out-going, nice, pretty, random, epic, funny, and warped!
    Popular, Nice, Not Nerdy, Fun, Sassy, And A Model!
    Dark, mysterious, shy, and epic.
  • 4
    Do you think you attract the opposite gender?
    I don't know, I have boys that are my friends!
    Yes, Yes, YES! I Am The Queen! Why Would I Be NOT Attractive!
    No... All the hotties call me a nerd! (Me: Always believe.)
    Yes! They drool when they see my revealed body!
    Yes, in a dark way.
  • 5
    Do you think you are a snob?
    No! Like, Whatever! Why Would The Sweet Angel-Princess Be A Snob? As IF! *sticks nose in air and stomps away*
    No, I have seen some...
    No. I hate preps.
    BLEH! No! Why would I BE one!
    Why would I? Can't you look at me?
  • 6
    What grades do you get?
    Straight As.
    Cs, And Ds. I Want An A+ And I Deserve One Because I Am A Queen!
    As and Bs. I am pretty smart.
    Bs and Ds.
    Ds and Fs.
  • 7
    Did you ever make out or go far?
    I tried, but they ran away.:(
    No... That is gross stuff but I once made out but for a short while.
    Yes! My Crush Said I Was Good!
    No, that stuff is for preps.
  • 8
    What do you prefer to wear on a date?
    A black T-shirt, a black mini skirt, And leggings. I would also wear sneakers.
    A bra and panty. Oh, don't forget the stockings!
    An aqua T-shirt, jeggings with a yellow mini skirt, and ballet flats that are orange.
    A stripy shirt and pajama pants!
    A Golden Sequined Dress, Pink Stockings, High Heels, And Tons Of Golden Jewels To Make Me Feel Like A Queen!
  • 9
    This is to test your randomness: Have you ever been Rick Rolled and you laughed?
    No, No, NO! Rick Rolling Is For Nerds! As IF! Whoever Has Done It Deserves To Be My Slave!
    I did get rick rolled when I hear it on the radio, but I didn't laugh.
    No... I want to be cooler by being rick rolled!
    I Have been rick rolled, but I kept a straight face. Torture is fun anyways!
  • 10
    Did you like this quiz and how popular are you?
    I am not popular. I really want to be. And I liked the quiz.
    I am not that popular, but I hang with people who like stuff the same as me. And no, I don't like the quiz.
    I Am The Queen! I Am Super Popular! As IF I Like This Quiz! This Test Is TERRIBLE!
    I am pretty popular. I am usually popular for being funny, pretty, sweet, and random. And I liked this quiz.
    I am popular for going far, and I don't really like the quiz.

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