How well do you know the Olsen Twins?

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Do you know Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen as well as you think you do? Well let's find out, take my quiz and see if you're and expert or a fake!

  • 1
    How many minuets apart are the Olsen Twins?
    Ashley is two minuets older then Mary-Kate
    Mary-Kate is two minuets older then Ashley
    Mary-Kate is five older then Ashley
    Ashley is five minuets older then Mary-Kate
  • 2
    How many siblings do Mary-Kate and Ashley have other then one another?
    They have two younger brothers Trent and Jake and two younger sisters Elizabeth and Taylor
    They have an older brother Trent and two younger sisters Elizabeth and Taylor
    They have an older brother Trent and a younger sister Elizabeth
    They have an older brother Trent and younger brother and sisters Elizabeth, Jake and Taylor
  • 3
    Who had more talking parts in the first few seasons of Full House?
    Ashley Olsen because she was easier to understand
    They both had an equal amount
    Mary-Kate because Ashley was more nervous
  • 4
    What is NOT a difference in the twins appearances? (During Full House)
    Ashley is a little skinnier then Mary-Kate
    Mary-Kate is a little shorter then Ashley
    Ashley's hair is a little darker then Mary-Kate's
    Mary-Kate's are flatter then Ashley's
  • 5
    Who represented Mary-Kate and Ashley because of how little they were being paid?
    Jarnette Olsen
    MacKenzie Taylor
    Robert Thorne
    David Olsen
  • 6
    Who played Shane in the Challenge?
    Mary-Kate played Shane and Ashley played Lizzie
    Neither Shane was not the name of a character in the Challenge
    Ashley played Shane and Mary-Kate played Lizzie
  • 7
    What ages were Mary-Kate and Ashley's first clothing line mainly for?
    Ages 18-25
    Ages 0-5
    Ages 4-14
    Ages 10-14
  • 8
    Under what company name did they create the very famous Olsen Twin movies?
    Universal Studios
    Dualstar Entertainment
    Dream Works Animation
    Paramount Pictures
  • 9
    What was the name of Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen second line of clothing?
    Olsen Twins
    The Row
    Mk and Ash
    Elizabeth and James
  • 10
    What was the name of their book released in October of 2008?
    All about the Olsen Twins
    Olsen Twins 101
    Where are the Full House Stars Now
    Inside Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen