Are you really a preppy snob? Or just another geeky wannabe?

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A prep is all that, sweet, sexy, and thinking she is perfect, but do you really think you are that? Find out...

NOTE: Some preps are usually a bit mean, so be a bit happy if you aren't!

  • 1
    What is your reaction when a nerd asks you to go out with him?
    Sure! Like is that BAD?
    Um, I am sorry, but I don't really like you that much to do that. Kay bye!
    *laughs* No way! You don't deserve to be with me, the QUEEN at school!
  • 2
    Have you ever been mean? Be honest and spill the bad beans!
    Sort of...
    Okay, I admit, I AM a bit mean, but I don't really realize it.
    No... people are mean to ME instead.
  • 3
    True or false: You are kind of mean to everyone below you.
    Wait what was the question?
    False. I have no one below me.
    True... I guess
  • 4
    Is this a dirty piece of trash: A lipstick that has the color of blue.
    F**k yea! I hate lipstick that is like all that!
    No! That sounds cool! That is my first lipstick...:)
    I guess, but I will give it to someone instead of throwing that b***h away.
  • 5
    How popular are you?
    I am popular, but I do have some bullies.
    REALLY popular. Everybody stalks me...
    I AM SO not popular! I am the biggest nerd at school!
  • 6
    Makeup time!
    I wear all the expensive makeup!
    I wear makeup that will express me and impresses everyone.
    I just wash my face. The acne on my face makes it hard to do any makeup!
  • 7
    What is your wardrobe at the first day of school?
    I just wear anything NOT ridiculous...
    Those plaid pants, the 70's fashion.
    Anything flirty, got to impress the boys! It is also time to get a boyfriend, Well anyways, I will get that jock...
  • 8
    Do you think you are SERIOUSLY hot?
    Like, DUH! I look hot of course! Why would the sweet angel-princess be NOT hot?
    Yes, I just throw on anything pretty...
  • 9
    You go to prom with the hottest boy at school, and you get chosen prom queen!
    Of course! Like DUH! I always get chosen prom queen! I am SO better than everyone now! Hahahaha!
    *says speech thanking all of your friends and for people who voted you*
  • 10
    Last question! What will you probably get?
    Popular gal!
    Geeky Wannabe.
    Preppy snob!

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