Does he like you?(girls ages 10-12 only)

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You like this certain guy, but do you want to know if the likes you back that way? Well, here is an accurate quiz you can take. I can tell if a guy likes a girl or not. Find out here! ( not timed)

  • 1
    Does he stare at you?
    Yes and blushes/looks away when I catch him staring
    Most of the time
    Yes and keeps staring at me when I catch him
  • 2
    Does he sit beside/near you?
    Sometimes/most of the time
    He sits near me but not beside me
    Yes. I'm at this table, he's staring at me from 2 tables away and when I move 7 tables away he moves with me, but is still 2 tables away.
    No. I have B.O.
  • 3
    Does he flirt with you?
    He's too shy to flirt
    He flirts with other girls
    Most of the time/always:)
    Yes but he's a flirt/sometimes
  • 4
    Does he know you and when his friends ask him " Do you like __________(your name)", what does he do?
    Yes but his friend likes me so he said " i hate her!"
    Yes and he said he likes me!
    Yes and acts all dumb when he's ALWAYS Einstein
    Yes but says he likes someone else:(
  • 5
    Does he tease you?
    Most of the time
    Yes but he teases other girls too
    Yes and nicely teases me(only):)
  • 6
    Have you heard him talking about you to his friends in a nice way when he thought you were out of earshot?
    Yes in a NICE way:)
    I'm not a(n) stalker/eavesdropper!
    Yes but in a mean way
  • 7
    Does he talk to you?
    Yes but only to ask information about my friends:(
    Never/he doesn't know me
    Is that even a question? We talk 24/7!
    Yes on school days
  • 8
    Is his feet pointed toward you? ( it still counts toward score!)
    I don't look at his feet/I don't know
    Most of the time
    One is pointed toward me and one is pointed AWAY from me
  • 9
    Does he smile at you?
    Sometimes/he is always cheerful
    I don't know
    Most of the time
    Yes always:)
  • 10
    Is he dating?
    Sadly, yes:_(
    Yes but they broke up
    I don't know

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Panda (48062)
16 hours ago
i like him, my friend told him that i like him and some girls asked his, he said yes and blushed!
Naomi (58901)
I really need advice.. I’m in sixth grade and last year this boy liked me but I never knew and my guy best friend told me. I never had payed attention to him but now this year knowing he used to like me I kinda started seeking him out but now he has a girlfriend and now I will never get him... but he always still looks at me but he quickly looks away when I see him... 😕
Mary Pendleton (44161)
6 days ago
Slight crush? He's my boyfriend! He gives me dollars and stuff! Slight crush, lol
Brooklyn (02323)
7 days ago
He stares as me and smiles a me a lot, he teases me sometimes but also shows off :)
Brooklyn (02323)
7 days ago
My heart just broke, my result was, "He likes you as a friend/ may have JUST a slight crush on you..... just don't overdo it. Keep it up and good luck!"
I'm never going to school EVER AGAIN!
Ashlynn (14204)
7 days ago
He stars at me and than when he sees me looking he smiles and blushes. my BFF told him that i like him and when his BFF went up to him and said look its your girlfriend and he smiled and blushed please give me advice.
... (77577)
7 days ago
My crushes name isn’t Noah, my friends think he like some me, and I can only hope that that is true. People say he’s kinda ugly, but I think he is SO cute! And as a plus he's super nice and great kid. Any ways to try to get him to like me?
... (61338)
7 days ago
i like a boy named christopher hes so CUTE!
Lillianna (21851)
8 days ago
Girls ask your friend if they would ask the guy that you like if he like like’s you.
Lillianna (21851)
8 days ago
I like this guy named josh who is so cute. He goes to my Cherch!!!
NaRhiya (20581)
8 days ago
This test was really useful to me
cant say (10431)
8 days ago
i like this Boy but im Not Sure if he likes me.Although his Friends SAy we make a cute couple idk help me give me advice
Christina (89837)
8 days ago
So I am in a new school and this boy he is not in the some class as my but sometimes I be seeing him staring at me but when I look at home he looks like that he not staring at me and he don't know me he never talk to me he never smile only he just do it just stare 😁😥🤔😁.
morgie (56175)
8 days ago
Saumya (58657)
8 days ago
I like a guy named Sanchit and he is cute and sometimes he flirts with me. But he is also a good secret keeper and never tells his crush.i can talk to him anytime at school and he has dimples! He says the girl is from our class and he told his bff his crush. He once said to me that I was his crush and I haven't told this to anyone except the net. I have asked him many times his crush but he ignored me.please give me some advice for Jesus sake!!!he is single but I love him so much! pls pls give me some advice for heaven's sake!!!
Emoji😜 (52459)
9 days ago
I don't know if he likes me or not. any advice
Stella (82607)
9 days ago
The popular kid in my school likes me even if I’m just 11-12 he likes me a lot. We don’t talk in person cause he’s shy but popular. But we talk everyday 24/7 on Snapchat. And he always tells me I’m beautiful and amazing
Chole (45712)
11 days ago
You guys should try this it really helps a lot now my boyfriend likes me too so I flirted and it worked just really try this!!!😀
addyson (69533)
13 days ago
i think this test was totally helpfull you guys should try it
Ashlyn (24933)
13 days ago
him then so now he has a girlfriend and apparently loves her but still flirts with me a lot and i mean a lot and anyway his girlfriend literary is cheating on him and plus my crush likes everything i like now i am always thinking about him