Can you survive high school?

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For all preteens and teens who will be going to high school soon or in a few years, this is a quiz for fun! So, do NOT take this quiz seriously! In this quiz, you will be put in situations which deal with relationships with guys or girls, your health, fashion choices, academics, cliques, standing up for yourself and friends, and more! Be yourself while taking this, and choose the answers which you truly believe in.

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    How are you in class?
    Tired, staring at the board and the clock, and you understand some parts of the units and concepts.
    Sleeping where the teacher can't see you, and you fail your classes because you don't understand jack (it's not a person, it's an expression) of what your teacher says during any of the units or sections.
    Focused, taking notes, and understanding of the subject's units and concepts.
  • 2
    Are you sociable? (when you have to be, of course!)
    "Yeah, I can start a conversation with anyone in the school, no matter what cliques tell students."
    "I guess, if you count staring and using your hands to talk more than with actual speech"
    "No! I'd rather stare at a brick wall than talk to my aunt!"
  • 3
    Are you wise with relationships?(with girls and guys)
    "Yeah, I focus on my studies, and think only about guys in health."
    "Um, I date who I think fits who I that a good answer?"
    "I date who's hot, and dedicate myself so much to them that school is just a place that we have to hold our feelings in."
  • 4
    How do you react to fashion styles and trends in school?
    "Some brunette was wearing an American Eagle tee with a pair of Hollister skinny jeans. I better go buy something like it so I'll fit in better than that weird guy who wears eyeliner and wrinkly, cheap pants."
    "I have my own way of how to dress, and I channel that out in school and in everyday life."
    "I'll with a trend and ignore the others. I choose styles that are me but are still the 'in' thing at school"
  • 5
    Are you eating well?
    "I have to study for my Calculus test! I'm going to get a bowl of grapes and fruit and nut mix from the kitchen."
    "I'm so hungry! That carton of is sherbet ice cream calling to me."
    "I'll have seconds of those pork barbecue ribs and salad, to go, please!"
  • 6
    Kylie, or Kyle, pours chocolate milk on you and curses you out while pushing you around. What do you do?
    "...push them, flip them off, and run screaming and or crying."
    "Bob and weave, like my dad taught me."
    "Confront them in a sensible manner, clean my clothes, and tell a principal or other staff member."
  • 7
    What would you do after high school?
    "Party, get drunk, and live with my parents"
    "Get a GED and work at some job, while living in my own apartment."
    "Go to a four-year university, of course!"
  • 8
    Jocelyn, or Jacob, dumps your friend in front of everyone at lunch and then kisses some guy or girl in front of your friend. So, what do you do?
    Punch the ex and insult their new boyfriend or girlfriend.
    Insult the ex and their new boyfriend or girlfriend, then walk out with your friend.
    Confront the ex and walk away with your friend. Comfort your friend and go with her to some secluded place so you can talk.
  • 9
    You're broke like nobody's business and there's this new video game out or these new shoes that are your favorite color and style, or whatever you're interested in. How do you handle this?
    "Die of sadness and become reclusive like Emily Dickinson."
    "Put the item on hold, and work until I have enough money to buy the item."
    "Beg my parents to death for some cash, and hope for the best."
  • 10
    Ugh, your face just broke out again! How do you take action?
    "Oh no, it's Sunday and school's tomorrow! This is disgusting, but I'll just pick it away."
    "Big deal, I must be not using my cleanser as often"
    "Whatever, potato chips are so good, acne goes away somehow."

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I ʟօʋɛ tɦɨs զʊɨʐ .I'ʍ ɨռ 5tɦ ɢʀaɖɛ aռɖ I ċaռ sɛʀʋɨʋɛ ɦɨɢɦsċɦօօʟ.