Your Hogwarts life (first year)

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It's time for your first year at Hogwarts. Take this quiz and find out how it turns out to be.

  • 1
    An owl drops a letter in your hands. You've been accepted into Hogwarts. Are you excited?
    Well, my parents are muggles so I don't know that much about Hogwarts.
    I'm sure it will be a good time at that school, so I'm pretty excited.
    I always knew I would be accepted since I'm a pure blood, so I'm not surprised but I'm pretty excited.
    Yes, of course! Who would not be excited?
  • 2
    You are in the Diagon Alley and you have bought all your books and other things you need at Hogwarts.
    Now it's time to choose a pet, what will it be?
    A snake or a lizard, maybe.
    A nice cat.
    No pet!
    I'm not sure... an owl, maybe?
  • 3
    You are at the Hogwarts Express. Which students do you sit with?
    Cedric, Hannah, Ernie and Susan.
    Luna, Cho and Padma.
    Harry, Hermione, Ron and Ginny.
    Fred, George and Lee Jordan.
    Pansy, Draco, Crabbe and Goyle.
  • 4
    Finally, you arrives to Hogwarts. What is your very first thought?
    Oh my god, this castle is huge! I hope I won't get lost...
    This will be my greatest time ever!
    Watch out, Hogwarts! Here I come!
  • 5
    Professor McGonagall calls your name. You sit on the stool. The Sorting Hat is quiet for a moment, then it shouts out loud...!
    HUFFLEPUFF! The other Hufflepuff students applauds. You jumps up from the pallet and walks towards their table.
    GRYFFINDOR! The other Gryffindor students applauds. You jumps up from the pallet and walks towards their table.
    RAVENCLAW! The other Ravenclaw students applauds. You jumps up from the pallet and walks towards their table.
    SLYTHERIN! The other Slytherin students applauds. You jumps up from the pallet and walks towards their table.
  • 6
    It's time to choose your subjects. Which subjects do you choose?
    Potions, Transfiguration etc.
    Care of Magical Creatures and Herbology
    Defence Against Dark Arts and Charms, I enjoy things like that!
  • 7
    It's Christmas break, should you stay at Hogwarts during holidays?
    I'm going to miss my family, but I'm staying. I have some important things to do at Hogwarts...
    Yes, I'm staying. I don't want to go home!
    No, I'm going home.
  • 8
    Your final tests is about to begin. How do you prepare for your first final test?
    I have studied everything I need to be able to finish the test. I can make it with no problem.
    No problem, I steal another's notes, I can read them, That's not cheating, is it?
    Time to study, study, study...
  • 9
    It's your last day at Hogwarts, it's time for the House Cup Ceremony.
    Which Hogwarts House wins the House Cup?
    Hufflepuff wins the House Cup.
    Ravenclaw wins the House Cup.
    Slytherin wins the House Cup.
    Gryffindor wins the House Cup.
  • 10
    It's time to leave Hogwarts. What do you do before the Hogwarts Express arrives?
    I have already packed all my things, so I spend time with my friends. I will miss them!
    I practise some simple spells until the Hogwarts Express arrives.
    I pack my things, then I leave Hogwarts and look forward to my second year.

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