English Grammar Quiz

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This quiz will test your knowledge of some basic English grammar, and let you know where your weaknesses are.

  • 1
    Fill in the blanks by choosing the correct sequence of prepositions.

    Don't laugh ___ me! I got my hair cut ____ a very good salon, but the hairdresser did a terrible job ___ it.
    To, at, over
    For, in, at
    At, in, for
    At, at, of
    For, in, of
  • 2
    Fill in the blanks with the correct sequence of articles.

    There goes ____ train! I've never seen ___ train on these tracks. ___ train must go through ___ interesting route through ____ mountains.
    A, a, The, an, the
    A, the, The, a, the
    A, a, The, an, a
    A, a, A, a, the
    A, the, A, the, the
  • 3
    Choose the correct verb tense.
    When I was jogging this morning, I ___ a rabbit in the woods.
    Have been seeing
    Have seen
    Had seen
    Was seeing
  • 4
    Choose the correct verb tense.
    I _______ in London six times since I was ten years old.
    Will have been
    Had been
    Have been
  • 5
    Choose a gerund or infinitive.
    I must practice _______ English.
    To speak
    To speaking
  • 6
    Choose the correct sequence of the conditional form.
    If I ___ president, I ____ change the country.
    Were, would
    Had been, would have
    Will become, would
    Was, would
    Were, will
  • 7
    Choose the correct form of the passive voice.
    Yesterday my car __________.
    Was stolen
    Has been stolen
    Was been stolen
    Was stole
  • 8
    Choose the correct relative pronoun.
    The professor, _____ prefers to be called Dr. Thomas, is a very interesting man.
  • 9
    Choose the correct sentence structure.
    ____ you ____ spinach?
    Will, have liked
    Did, liked
    Have, like
    Do, like
    Are, like
  • 10
    Choose the correct subject/verb agreement:
    My brother often ______ to inspect the factories that ______ in Detroit..
    Go, operates
    Go, operate
    Goes, operate
    Goes, operates

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Pratyush ( 81411 )
Posted 103 days ago
A pretty good trivia.I like it,Bro!!!!!!!