A Series of Unfortunate Events quiz (very accurate!)

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Are you a fan? Do you think you are? Well, here is the most accurate quiz to determine if you are!
Don't rush, as there are no time limits.

  • 1
    Who is Violet?
    A researcher
    The eldest Baudelaire who will be the inherit of the Baudelaire fortune
    Count Olaf's girlfriend
    A baby
  • 2
    What did Violet, Klaus and Sunny use to break out of jail in the Vile Village?
    I don't know
    Her fists
    Her feet
    A bench, bread and water
    Nothing. She did not get out of jail and got hung by Olaf.
  • 3
    Who is Klaus?
    Someone who is a researcher and is admired by his family, Fiona and Isadora
    A villain
    A girl
    I don't know
    An alien
  • 4
    Who is Sunny?
    Violet's older sister
    I don't know
    An infant with 4 sharp teeth which is useful for breaking or slicing stuff
    Olaf's wife
    Esme's cousin
  • 5
    What did Violet use to get Sunny down from the tower in the Bad Beginning?
    I don't know
    A grappling hook
    Nothing. Sunny stayed there.
    Count Olaf and his troupe killed her.
    A tall branch
  • 6
    In what book does Sunny get captured and by who?
    Miserable Mill, Dr. Orwell
    Sunny didn't get captured
    Vile Village, Esme
    Grim Grotto, Captain Widdershins
    Carnivorous Carnival, Count Olaf
  • 7
    Who did Violet and Klaus meet in The Slippery slope?
    Isadora Quagmire
    The Snow Scouts and Quigley Quagmire
    Duncan Quagmire
    Madame Lulu
  • 8
    What sentence was Violet forced to say in the play of The Bad Beginning?
    Count Olaf, I am not your countess because I signed the sheet with my left hand.
    I don't.
    I do.
    She wasn't forced to say anything!
    You are evil and you just want to marry me to get the Baudelaire fortune.
  • 9
    What lot was the Quagmires hidden in The Ersatz Elevator?
    Lot #50
    Lot #49
    Lot #25
    Lot #2
    Lot #48
  • 10
    In which book does the Baudelaires meet the Quagmires and Carmelita Spats?
    Wide Window
    Austree Academy
    Slippery Slope
    Grim Grotto
    Bad Beginning

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