Which Harry Potter boy would you date?

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Which HP boy would you date

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    What kind of eyes do you like?
    Warm chocolate brown and full of life
    Deep green and full of sadness
    Sharp grey with a hint of evil
    Light blue with lots of curiosity
  • 2
    What kind of hair do you like?
    Wild and sometimes covering his eyes
    Neat and never out of place
    Longish and flat
    Short and awkward
  • 3
    Extremely brave and very loving. He cares about those close to him and stands up for what he believes in. Can sometimes be shy, and isn't the smartest but always tries.
    Loves his friends and family with his whole heart, and would do anything to protect them. Is really smart when he tries. Very brave and always willing to sacrifice himself for loved ones.
    Has a little bit of a temper but is really nice at heart. Very loyal and loves to laugh. He really loves his friends and family but doesn't always know how to show it.
    He is resentful, proud, arrogant, and has a temper. Would rather save himself then his friends. Not really the smartest guy, but doesn't seem to try very hard.
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    Medium and kind of plump
    Normal and skinny
  • 5
    His smile?
    He loves to laugh and his smile ranges from just the corners are pulled up to his whole mouth is open.
    It's hard to make him smile but when you do it lights up his whole face.
    He has a small smile that never seems to reach his eyes.
    He has a cute, hesitant smile, but when you really make him laugh his smile is really bright.
  • 6
    A boy is being mocked by another boy. What does be do?
    Stands up for the poor boy getting mocked.
    He's the one getting mocked
    Walks away.
    He's the one mocking!
  • 7
    You trip and fall in the middle of the hall and drop all your books. What does he do?
    Laughs and maybe pulls you up.
    Asks if you're OK, helps clean up your stuff, helps you up, and when you thank him he gives you a smile and say it was no big deal
    Helps you up and makes a joke to cheer you up
    Shyly hands you your stuff, then sprints away
  • 8
    Is best subject?
    Mediocre in all classes
  • 9
    Why do you love him?
    He is shy but when he needs to be he is really brave. He is very loyal and loves you with his whole heart.
    He cares for no one but himself and has a dark side.
    He love helping others and you know he will always love you and be faithful. And MAN he is handsome!
    He makes you laugh and is extremely loyal and caring.
  • 10
    Favorite saying?
    Bloody hell!
    My father will hear about this!
    Why is it always me?

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Mrs Ronald Malfoy ( 1.172 )
Posted 127 days ago
Omg it's Harry freakin' Potter! Woohoo!! AVPM for life!!