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Let's see how much you know about WW2! This test is not timed. Warning: This test is a little hard.

  • 1
    What caused WW2?
    Eva Braun
    The invasion of Poland and the Treaty of Versailles
    I don't know
    The unexpected bombing of Sicily
    The Luftwaffe bombing of London
  • 2
    What made Britain and France declare war on Germany?
    It was Austria and Hungary who declared war on Germany, not Britain and France
    The invasion of Britain
    The assassination of an archduke
    The bombing of Austria
    The invasion of Poland
  • 3
    When did WW2 start?
    August 4, 1914
    June 10, 1944
    August 2, 1914
    September 1, 1939
    September 3, 1939
  • 4
    Why did the Luftwaffe bomb Britain?
    Hitler wanted the complete destruction of Britain
    Hitler wanted to engage the RAF in an air battle
    The Luftwaffe did not bomb Britain
    Hitler wanted the complete destruction of the RAF
    So Italy and Japan would be allied with Germany
  • 5
    What was the invasion of Russia called?
    Operation Barbarossa
    Operation Jubilee
    Operation Totalise
    Operation Clover
    Operation Tractable
  • 6
    What did Stalin demand the western allies (Britain and France) to do?
    To invade Germany
    To invade USA before Japan
    To invade France to relieve pressure on Russia so Germany would have to fight 2 fronts
    To invade Russia
    To bomb Germany
  • 7
    Why was Operation Barbarossa's advance halted(for the Germans)?
    Because the Russians pushed the Germans right back to Germany
    Because Russia counterattacked
    Because of the weather. If Operation Barbarossa was launched earlier the Germans would've advanced further but they had to support Italy first
    Because the Germans did not have enough troops
    Because it was too hot and the Germans suffered heat stroke
  • 8
    What was the attack on Dieppe called?
    Operation Rutter, but then it got changed to Operation Jubilee
    Operation D-Day
    Operation Dieppe
    Operation France
    There was no attack on Dieppe
  • 9
    What happened in Dieppe?
    The GAF(German Air Force) attacked the USAAF (United States of America Air Force)
    All went very well and the Germans retreated to Paris
    Some went wrong and most went well
    All went wrong because lots of ships and tanks were bombed and lots of POWs were captured by the Germans. Only the attack on "Hess" battery went well.
    The convoy going to Red Beach ran into a German ship
  • 10
    Which side was winning during 1939-1942?
    The Allied forces
    None. It was stalemate
    I don't know
    None/the war did not even start in this period
    The Axis forces
  • 11
    Which battle was the turning point of the war?
    Dieppe battle
    El Alamein battle
    Normandy battle
    Battle of Britain
    Russian battle
  • 12
    When was the invasion of Sicily and Italy?
  • 13
    Who got to Sicily first?
  • 14
    When did Italy surrender?
    Sept 8 1943
    I don't know
    Sept 2 1945
    Italy did not surrender
    May 8 1945
  • 15
    Who was executed in the Holocaust?
    The Dutch
    Gypsies, homosexuals, the disabled, the Jewish, opposing political parties of the Nazis
    The French Resistance
    The Nazis
  • 16
    Who was the leader of the German forces in North Africa?
  • 17
    Who was defeated in the Battle of Stalingrad?
    The Americans
    The Germans
    The French
    The Canadians
    The Russians
  • 18
    Who was the chancellor of Germany during WW2?
    Von Hindenburg
    Some German kaiser
  • 19
    Did Hitler commit suicide at the end of WW2? If so, with who?
    Yes in Apr 30 1945 with Frau Hitler (Eva Braun) so they won't be captured by Russians and used as trophies
    No. Rommel and the German Generals assassinated him.
    Yes on Apr 30 1945 in a death camp
    Yes with the Nazis on Apr 30 1945
    No he was alive in Brazil until 1975
  • 20
    Last question: Why did Rommel surrender in North Africa?
    Because they retreated to the sea and wanted to go on ships but the RAF bombed the ships
    There wasn't enough German troops
    Because Rommel was seriously wounded
    Because Adolf Hitler told him to
    RAF bombed the Germans

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JB ( 69.88 )
Posted 15 days ago
There's no one single turning point of the war. You could put half those answers and many history buffs would agree with you. For example I put the earliest one the Battle of Britain. Why? Well this is when Germany realized how ineffective heavy fighters were and they knew they done f****** up. A good portion of the Luftwaffe was in bad shape meaning Allied bombers could strike deeper into Germany hitting vital parts of German infrastructure meaning Germany was already beginning to lose
AndrewC ( 1.165 )
Posted 74 days ago
I have to admit some of the comments are correct. There were some excellent questions, but some of the answers are extremely vague. Answers like "some stuff went wrong", also, Rommel never surrendered and there was no such thing as the Battle of Russia
Jacob ( 30.68 )
Posted 92 days ago
This is a terrible test. My grandmother could write anything better than this
[BEEP] Quiz ( 4.177 )
Posted 128 days ago
What kind of [BEEP] is this? People please! Battle of Russia? DUDE 1 *Soviet Union 2 Battle for Stalingrad! Rommel ( the desert fox ) did NEVER surrender. Because of a battle earlier he was send back by Hitler to recover. It would take 2 months to defeat the germans in Africa....
Dan T. ( 4.202 )
Posted 206 days ago
The Battle of Stalingrad is commonly referred to as the turning point of the war. There was no "Battle of Russia" and El Alamein, although a turning point of sorts, involved small forces and was essentially a sideshow.

Rommel never surrendered in North Africa. Two months before the German surrender he returned to Germany and to plead with Hitler that his army be allowed evacuate the continent, and was effectively relieved of his command
b-rad ( 1.154 )
Posted 237 days ago
No she's right.. the quiz is pathetic. What was the major turning point in the war? Russian battles, German battles.. huh? Awesome question. And the useless answers "some stuff went wrong some went right" is too amateur to be taken seriously. Website should stick to Clown School quizzes.
P.J.Cook ( 28.43 )
Posted 245 days ago
Stop whining Amber. It's not the fault of the quiz, that you're ignorant.
amber ( 80.34 )
Posted 268 days ago
This quiz was HORRIBLE.It was the worst quiz EVER. I hate this quiz and who ever made this quiz can you stop rubbing it in. :-( :-( :-( :-(