WW1 quiz (very accurate!)

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Are you a pro at WW1? Well, pro or non-pro, anyone can take this test. This test is not timed and it should take you no more than 5 minutes to finish.

  • 1
    What caused WW1?
    The assassination of Archduke Franz Ferdinand and his wife
    I don't know
    The assassination of Hitler
    The Triple Alliance
    Bombing of Italy
  • 2
    Who declared war on who?
    France, Germany
    USA, Austria-Hungary
    Germany, Japan
    Austria-Hungary, Serbia
    Italy, Germany
  • 3
    What can WW1 be traced back to?
    Second Boer war
    Seven Years war
    Franco-Prussian war
    War of 1812
  • 4
    Why did Britain declare war on Germany?
    Because it wanted to keep Belgium neutral
    Because Britain wanted revenge for Germany
    Because Germany invaded Britain
    Because Italy was allied with Serbia and Britain was allied with Italy
    Because Germany was allied with Austria-Hungary
  • 5
    In what year did the stalemate start?
  • 6
    Who did Joffre command?
    The Italians
    The French
    The Germans
    The English
    The Russians
  • 7
    What was the plans of the Schlieffen Plan?
    To bomb enemy trenches before attacking
    To attack France then Russia
    What is the Schlieffen Plan/I don't know
    To invade Britain
    To attack Russia then France
  • 8
    What caused USA to declare war on Germany?
    I don't know
    German invasion of Eastern USA
    Bombing of Pearl Harbor
    The Zimmermann telegram and unrestricted submarine warfare
    USA was allied with Germany
  • 9
    How was Fritz Haber important to Germany for WW1?
    He invented gas for Germany to unleash at its enemies
    He was the nephew of Queen Elizabeth
    He invented gas masks for Germany
    He was just an ordinary civilian
    Nothing. He was just the son of Herr Haber
  • 10
    What happened in 1917?
    USA, the great Western Ally, enters the war while the Eastern Ally (Russia) gets out of the war. Stalemate continues on the Western Front
    Germans make Paris fall
    The French invaded Germany
    No more stalemate on the Western Front
    Brusilov launches major (and successful) offensive
  • 11
    When did WW1 start?
    August 4,1914
    August 2,1914
    July 28, 1914
    I don't know
    November 11, 1918
  • 12
    What was the biggest sea battle of WW1?
    Battle of Norway
    Battle of Jutland
    Battle of Finland
    Battle of Sweden
    Battle of Britain
  • 13
    About how many Germans did York kill?
  • 14
    Where did the first offensive of the Ludendorff's offensives take place?
    What's an offensive?
    In Mesopotamia
    In Finland
    On the Somme
    In Paris
  • 15
    The Brusilov offensive of 1916 was:
    Unsuccessful, it cost 20,000 German lives and 1,500,000 Russian lives
    Very successful because it nearly knocked Austria-Hungary out of the war, although it cost a million Russian lives
    It went ok with 25 miles of territorial gain
    What Brusilov offensive?
    Very successful, it knocked Austria-Hungary and Germany out of the war
  • 16
    Who was the commander of the British?
  • 17
    When was the "Black Day" of the German Army?
    There was none. Germany won the war.
    January 1, 1915
    August 6, 1918
    August 8, 1918
    September 2, 1918
  • 18
    When did unrestricted submarine warfare start?
    January 1914
    April 1917
    April 1916
    March 1917
    February 1917
  • 19
    Of the Central Powers, which country was the last to surrender to the Allies?
  • 20
    When was the Armistice signed?
    November 10, 1918 11 o'clock sharp
    Nov 11, 1918 11 o'clock sharp
    There was no Armistice
    May 5, 1918 17:00 o'clock sharp
    Sept 2, 1945