Are you friendly, mean or in the middle?

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Ever wondered if you're friendly, mean or in the middle? Well, find out here! There is no time limit to this quiz so you do not have to rush.

  • 1
    Your friend says hi. How do you respond?
    "Hi! What'ya doin'?" and then go over to him/her
    "Hi!" and go over to your friend
    Ignore your friend
  • 2
    Your best friend just broke up with her/his boyfriend/girlfriend and is very angry. What do you do?
    Leave him/her alone and give them time to calm down
    Tell them to tell you what happened before your friend ever has a chance to calm down
    Ignore her/him. It is not your business, anyway
  • 3
    There is a pizza. Your friend eats half of that and you eat the remainder except one piece because you are full. What do you do with the extra slice?
    Roll the dye and say" If it is an even number, you get it. If it is an odd number, I get it."
    Give it to your friend
    Force the slice into your mouth even though you are full/throw it into the compost so neither you or your friend gets it
  • 4
    Someone bullies your friend. You saw your friend get bullied. What do you do?
    Be a bystander. You do not want to be involved in this because this is none of your business/you don't really like your friend anyway so you help the bully
    Help your friend and say " Back off, (rude word here) or else___" and not tell anyone
    Tell on the bully and tell a teacher/parent what happened
  • 5
    Your little brother/sister wants to play cards with you although you don't want to. What do you do?
    You play cards with your sibling
    Hit her/him and say" I'm not playing and no body's gonna change that. If you tell mommy, I will get you back tomorrow."
    You play cards with your sibling but after the game you say"I didn't wanna play this game with you but as an older brother/sister I ought to be a good role model so that's why I played cards with you."
  • 6
    Your best friend gets a D on Math and his/her parents are enraged. What do you do?
    Side with his/her parents
    Nothing but offer to help your friend on math next time
    Help your friend on math and convince his/her parents that he/she tried her best
  • 7
    Someone accidentally hits you in the face and apologizes. What do you do?
    Growl "Shut up and back off, (insert bad word here), and watch where your arm goes next time!"
    Say that's ok and be careful of what you hit next time
    Say that's ok
  • 8
    Someone spreads a rumour about your friend.
    Take part in spreading new rumours about your friend.
    Try to find out who started the rumours, it must have been a misunderstanding.
    You do nothing to stop the rumours.
  • 9
    Your friend needs your help in History.
    Give her all the help she needs
    Give her all the help she needs and ask if you can help her in any other subjects
    Say "You don't really need help in history. You just wanna waste my time.Oh, and by the way, why don't you go to a nearby tutoring school? It's for dumb people like you." and make your friend cry
  • 10
    Your friend gets injured in a soccer game. What do you do?
    Rush over and ask "Are you ok?"
    Keep playing soccer until the game ends then go to your friend and say "Serves you right that you got injured."
    Keep playing until the game ends and then rush over to see if your friend's ok

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