Are you quiet? (For boys and girls)

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Did you ever wonder if you were quiet, outgoing, or in the middle? Well, if you did, you can find out here!

  • 1
    You are at a party and you cannot really dance(this is just an example and does not apply to all of you who will be taking this quiz). You see your friends on one side of the room and your crush on the other side of the room and is alone. What do you do?
    You go to your friends and dance with them
    You go to your crush and ask him/her to dance
    Stay isolated from everyone and wait until the party is over
  • 2
    Your teacher asks a question and you don't know the answer. What do you do?
    Put your hand straight up. It's worth a try, anyways
    Think "I am not raising my hand so if I get it wrong at least everyone in class won't laugh at me."
    Hesitate then put up your hand
  • 3
    Who starts the conversations?
    It's 50/50
    Your friends
  • 4
    Your crush accidentally bumps into you and all his/her (and your) books fall out of both of your and your crush's hands. He/she apologizes. What do you do?
    Say "No big deal", then look around to see if anyone is around, then admit that you like him/her
    Say "It's OK, it was my fault anyway," and help him/her pick up both his/her and your books, then say thank you
    Say "It's fine, no big deal" and pick up both your and your crush's books and hand his/her books back with a small"Thank you"
  • 5
    Your new friend wants to come over to your house. What do you say?
    "Sure! You can always come over any day if you like."
    "Of course!"
  • 6
    The water in your water bottle has spilled. What do you do?
    Call one of your friends to help you
    Holler "Assistant needed! Someone bring towels over here please!"
    Quickly pick it up so no one can see that you spilled water
  • 7
    Someone compliments you on your looks. How do you respond?
    Blush and shyly say thanks
    Say thank you
    Say thank you and compliment the other person's looks
  • 8
    Someone bullies your friend. What do you do?
    Drag you friend away from the bully
    Nothing. You do not want to get bullied.
    Say" Back off,(insert rude word here) and don't ever do/say that again!" even if it may embarrass your friend
  • 9
    Today is the school dance! You:
    Dance with your friends but stay away from boys/girls
    Dance with everyone
  • 10
    You have gotten a bad mark in Geography. Your parents have to sign the test. You:
    Hide it
    Hint that you want to show something to your parents and show it to them when they ask you to
    Show the test to your parents the minute you see them

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no name needed ( 3.128 )
Posted 132 days ago
for #9 i just wouldnt go in the first place