Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone Chapter 9

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  • 1
    What does Neville receive from his grandmother?
    A Remembral.
    An Owl.
    A special rock.
    A box of chocolate.
  • 2
    Who teaches the flying lesson?
    Madaam Kopi
    Madaam Scarlet
    Madaam Hadrig
    Madaam Hooch
  • 3
    How does Neville break his wrist?
    Falls down stairs.
    Slept on it funny.
    Falls after being tripped by Draco.
    Falls off the broomstick.

  • 4
    Why does Harry chase Draco on the broomstick?
    He just doesn't like Draco.
    Draco is a punk.
    Draco stole Neville's Remembrall.
    Draco dared him.
  • 5
    Does Harry get punished for flying on his broomstick?
    Yes, he was in big trouble.
    No, he is made a seeker on the Quidditch team.
    Yes, he got kicked out of Hogwarts.
    No, but he had to say sorry.
  • 6
    Who is the Captain of the Griffindor's Quidditch team?
    Oliver Wood
    Ron Wood
    Woody Harelson
    Brandon Wood

  • 7
    What kind of duel does Draco challenge Harry to?
    A potion making duel.
    A flying duel.
    A wizard's duel.
    A boxing duel.
  • 8
    Who goes with Harry to the trophy room
    Ron, Hermione, and Neville
  • 9
    Why didn't Harry and Draco duel?
    Draco tried to trick Harry in to going to the Trophy Room at midnight so he would get in trouble.
    The 3-headed dog at Draco.
    Draco fell asleep and could not make it.
    Draco is a wimp.

  • 10
    When do they see the three-headed dog?
    When Hermione uses a spell do get them through a dead end.
    They do not see the three-headed dog.
    When they get back to Griffindor tower.
    After lunch.

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