Does he like you as a friend or more?

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This quiz is for girls in elementary school or from grades 4 to 8. Does this guy you know like you or is he just a friend?

  • 1
    Does he talk to you?
    Sometimes, we have small conversations
    No not at all
    Only for homework
  • 2
    When and if you do talk what do you talk about?
    Homework and projects
    We don't talk
    EVERYTHING, we are so close
    Random things and facts
  • 3
    If you where locker neighbours, in the morning he would
    Say hi
    Hug you while saying hi, talks to you and walks you into the class to your seat
    Smile say hi and then talk a little bit
    Ignore you not even noticing you
  • 4
    You and him are paired up for a project he would
    Do little work not saying anything to you
    Equally share the work talking to you the whole time and trying to make you laugh and helping a lot
    Equally share the work but making jokes and talking to you, having fun
    Equally sharing the work asking some questions on what to do
  • 5
    Okay we are at the half way mark and I have to ask, why do you like him? ( this won't count on score)
    Sweet personality, little bit shy
    Smart and independent
    He is cute/hot
    Class clown/popular
  • 6
    Your in the library and there's an open spot next to you he
    Sits next to you saying its the only spot left and doesn't talk much
    Sits in the chair but moves very close to you talking to only you
    Sits next to you and tries to makes you laugh
    Not asking takes the chair to sit with his friends far away from you
  • 7
    You drop your books in the hallway he
    Laughs but asks if your okay
    Ignores you completely
    Ask if your okay picks them all up for you and walk you to your class
    Laughs and teases you but in the end helps you pick them up
  • 8
    Does he tease you?
    Well if you mean pushing me into lockers and saying watch it (me: och!)
    Teasing how I always work
    A little but he never means it and he hugs me afterwards
    Yes poking me calling me nicknames but in a friendly way
  • 9
    How much have you touched?
    We haven't
    High five pokes
  • 10
    Do you think he likes you?
    Hell no (me: then why did you take the quiz!)
    Maybe I don't know
    As a friend I don't know

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ThatBaconGirl ( 09.94 )
Posted 235 days ago
Cool, I didn't think he would like me but the test says other ways!
Kayla ( 76.31 )
Posted 343 days ago
Idk if he really likes me I took so many tests he is cute,annoying,funny,sweet,kind but me idk I think of myself as ugly on the outside whenever I tell a boy I like him it ruins our friendship and the guy usually hates me after I don't want to lose Bryce I'm in the 4th grade ­čśó