Which Harry Potter Boy Are You Most Suited To?

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  • 1
    You get a present form your boyfriend, you are delighted to be presented with a...
    Beautiful locket.
    Material objects aren't your boyfriends thing.
    Photo album of all your happy memories.
    Rare rose.
    Designer handbag, shoes and perfume.
  • 2
    You are struggling in class, your boyfriend comforts you with the words...
    "You will get there in the end, and there are more important things in life to worry about, like your friends and family.'"
    "Ha ha, you will be fine. Come on, I will buy you something special to take your mind off it."
    "Don't worry, I fail pretty much all my subjects, it doesn't make you any less of an amazing witch."
    "Work on it, I will help you until you are 100% okay."
    "I have a friend who is brilliant at this, if you like, I can ask them to give you a hand."
  • 3
    A boy from an older year is being rude to you about something, your boyfriend hears and...
    Draws his wand at the bully and hexes him, threatens him and then helps you up, and kisses you.
    Draws his wand and bellows after him as he runs, but does not leave your side. He then sits down and rests his arm around your shoulder until your okay, then walks you to your dormitory.
    Nervously stands up to the bully, its clear he doesn't want to but he is doing it for you.
    Immediately drops down on his knees to comfort to you and goes to have a quiet word with the bully after he is sure that you are fine.
    Angrily shouts at the bully to get lost and comforts you.
  • 4
    You are on the way to class, walking through a deserted corridor and your bag breaks, your boyfriend has just walked into the corridor, and he...
    Repairs the bag and picks up the books with a lazy swish of his wand, he kisses you and tells you that you are beautiful, he then walks off to class.
    Picks up the books, repairs the bag and then holds your hand, tells you he loves you and walks you to class waiting outside the door to check your okay.
    Repairs the bag, gets down to pick up the books and then walks you to class.
    Fumbles on the floor for the books as you repair the bag, he puts them in the bag, smiles about your teamwork and walks you to class.
    Picks up the books and carries them to class for you.
  • 5
    You are thinking about getting your eyes colour changed (magically of course) and you ask your boyfriend what colour he thinks would be best, his reply is that...
    You are perfect the way you are.
    Tells you that he loves your eyes, but it is your decision if you want to change them.
    That your eyes are a beautiful colour, and that they are one of your best attributes, he then kisses you on the cheek.
    Looks surprised, but then says that blue would go well with your hair colour, he then kisses you.
    Laughs and says you would look lovely with any eye colour, but that stuff like that was not exactly his area of expertise.
  • 6
    You are buying some Yule Robes, and you boyfriend comes with you to try some on, you ask him if you look fat in them, he answers...
    Looks at you and gives his honest opinion, because he respects that you want the truth, and that that is why you asked.
    "Ummm, do you want to look fat? I think it looks amazing, but if you don't like it..."
    He is still gazing at you in awe.
    "You never look fat, in anything baby."
  • 7
    What is a bad attribute that you could live with the easiest?
  • 8
    What trait do you most admire.
    Good looks, charm and selflessness.
    Loyalty, True bravery and kindness.
    Sense of humour, bravery and protectiveness over this he cares about.
    Bravery, loyalty and selflessness.
    Sharp-witness, loyalty and good looks.
  • 9
    which of these most closely describe yourself?
    Funny, outspoken, confident.
    Beautiful, sweet, modest
    Shy, sweet, caring
    Brave, loyal, daring.
    Beautiful, maybe a little bit bitchy, clever
  • 10
    Which of these characters is your LEAST favourite?
    Dudley Dursley.

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I seriously got an equal 20% for all of them....
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I LOVE YA QUIZZ!! And I got Harry Potter...