What kind of animal are you?

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Take this test to find out what kind of animal you would be if you could evolve into an animal!

  • 1
    What kind of food do you prefer form the following?
    Nuts, Peanuts, Almonds
    Bugs, bread, crackers
  • 2
    On a rainy day, where would you find yourself?
    Tucked away somewhere, I hate rain!
    Outside, enjoying the rain, I love it!
    At home, relaxing with friends
    In bed
    Anywhere, rain doesn't bother me!
  • 3
    On a hot, humid day, where would you find yourself?
    In the shade or inside enjoying air conditioning!
    In my bed, where else?
    Hiding, I don't like heat.
    Somewhere with my family, maybe the beach or a car ride somewhere
    Maybe going for a short walk, I do love heat!
  • 4
    What do you do when it snows?
    Run in it and go on an adventure!
    Go somewhere warm for the winter, me and my family travel when it is cold!
    Stay indoors! Snow is too cold.
    Sleep, stay somewhere warm, probably my bed!
    Run in it, play in it, make a snowman. Snow is great!
  • 5
    What is your favorite outdoor activity?
    Going for walks, climbing trees, playing tag
    Going hunting
    Sleeping, laying around watching TV
    Soccer, football, baseball, Frisbee, basketball...
    Flying kites, going on a boat, driving around
  • 6
    Pick a label for yourself
  • 7
    If you were in a group with your friends, how would people see you as?
    The Homebody, I love staying at home with my family
    The Tough One, I always stick up for my friends and you never want to mess with me
    The Clown, I always make people laugh!
    The Princess, I get what I want when I want it
    The Explorer, I always make everything an adventure!
  • 8
    If your house was burning, what would be the one thing you would save? (by the way, your family and every living thing in the house is fine and saves their self including pets and humans)
    Favorite Family photo
    My football, basketball, soccer ball, baseball, tennis ball, etc.
    My stash of Halloween candy/money!
    My crown from when I won prom queen!
    My iPod
  • 9
    If someone bullied me, I would_______.
    Walk away, bullies are so over-rated.
    Attack them!
    Hire someone to attack them
    Yell at them for coming into my space.
    Do what they wanted me to, I don't want me with them!
  • 10
    What music do you prefer?
    Something with a good beat! Like rap
    Anything that gets me on my feet, something I can dance and sing to
    Anything LOUD
    I like more country
    Anything calming
  • 11
    Pick which color(s) you like from the following.
    Brown, red, black
    Neon (hot pink, lime green, flashy yellow, aqua blue)
    Red, Forest Green, Blue
    Pink, purple, Green
    Dark red, Tan, White, Black

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