Does He Have The Same Feelings?

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Title says all... (Note, you probably shouldn't turn to a quiz for your relationship issues... just something that might boost you forward)

  • 1
    Is he your friend?
    Yep, he's my best friend!
    I don't really know him/I don't know him at all
    Just friends/Acquaintances
    We're good friends
  • 2
    Do you see each other?
    All the time! (Hanging out, School/Work)
    Not really/No
    Sometimes (School/Work)
    Most of the time (School/Work)
  • 3
    Does he touch you?
    Not really (Arm around your shoulder)
    Sometimes (Hugs/Hold hands, Arm around your shoulder)
    I only dream... (A high five?)
    Yeah! (Hugs/Hold hands, Kiss, Arm around your shoulder)
  • 4
    When you catch him staring at you and you stare back...
    I don't notice...
    He looks away
    He smiles/laughs (or both)
    He doesn't...
  • 5
    Who starts the conversations?
    It's equal 50/50 (It's hard to say)
    We don't talk...
    I do...
    He does:)
  • 6
    How positive are you that you think he likes you back?
    100% I know he loves me!
    50% He's expressionless... I can't tell
    20% He probably doesn't...
    70% I don't know for sure but I see him drop me hints
  • 7
    When/If you hang out with him in a group...
    He doesn't pay attention to me...
    He pays a lot of attention to you, but to the others in the group as well
    His attention is all on you
    He pays some attention to you, but more to the others than you
  • 8
    Does he have a girlfriend?
    No, but I have a feeling he might like someone else...
    No, and he's 100% single!:)
    Yeah, and it's depressing me...:(
    Yeah, but it looks like there's hope for me!
  • 9
    Does he make fun of you? (In a teasing sort of way)
    Sometimes, but not really
    Yeah, sometimes but I know he's just joking
    Yeah, all the time! But it's usually a joke and we laugh about it
    Not really...
  • 10
    What's the cutest thing he's done for you?
    He walks me to class
    He compliments me:)
    He says "I love you/I like you" Even if it's friendly
    All of the above!

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