Which Tim Burton's character are you?

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Are you like Sweeney Todd? Or maybe more like Willy Wonka? Or Jack Skellington, why not?
Check it out with this funny personality test!

  • 1
    Which one is your favourite?
    Fluffy Lamb!
  • 2
    You find out your boyfriend/girlfriend is cheating on you, how do you react?
    I talk to him/her, to listen to his/her version
    I cry till I die!
    I plan how to get my revenge...
    I cut his/her throat!
    This absolutely will never happen!
  • 3
    It's Christmas time! How do you get ready?
    Cutting hedges in Christmas shapes...
    Kidnapping Sandy Claws!
    I HATE Christmas!
    Helping to prepare Christmas dinner!
    Buying a lot of shining and dazzling Christmas stuff!
  • 4
    Do you think you're melancholic?
    I am, but not excessively
    What? No! I'm personified happiness!
    No, I'm not... maybe sometimes...
    I am and I don't care what people says about it
    I am, but I'm good at hiding it
  • 5
    Which of this characters do you LIKE the most?
    The Red Queen
    The White Queen
    The Mad Hatter
    The Cheshire Cat
  • 6
    To which of these characters you RESEMBLE the most?
    The Mad Hatter
    The White Queen
    The Cheshire Cat
    The Red Queen
  • 7
    Have you ever felt misunderstood?
    Sometimes it happens...
    Often, I think...
    I don't understand people, so why should they understand me?
  • 8
    Hey! Is that your Nemesis! He/She's approaching!
    Let's talk about it, OK?...
    Hello, dear... did you miss me?
    OMG! Better run!
    It's not the moment, OK?
  • 9
    Which of these do you prefer to wear?
    A pair of blue jeans
    A cheetah print tuxedo
    An handmade patchwork dress
    A red dress
    A black leather coat
  • 10
    Best way to kill someone?
    Cut his throat!
    Drown him
    Poison him...
    Hang him
    Shoot him
  • 11
    If you were a Disney evil character, you would be...
    Captain Hook
    Cruella DeVil
    Boogie Man
  • 12
    Your favourite weather?
    Sunny and hot!
  • 13
    Which one is your favourite kind of movie?
  • 14
    Which of these musical do you like the most?
    Sweeney Todd
    High School Musical
    I HATE musicals!
  • 15
    Your Favourite Holiday?
    Valentine's Day
  • 16
    If you were a "The Nightmare Before Christmas" song, you would be...
    This is Halloween
    Making Christmas
    What's This
    Jack's Obsession
    Sally's Song
  • 17
    In your opinion, which of these is the WORST movie by Tim?
    Beetle juice
    Mars Attaks
    The Nightmare Before Christmas
    Planet of the Apes
    Ed Wood
  • 18
    You're in a train, minding your own business, when suddenly Tim sits next to you... how do you react?
    I faint for a sec, than recover for a sec, and then faint for a sec, and then recover for a sec, and than faint for a sec...
    I can't stop screaming! OMG! Tim! I love you!
    *Speechless, staring at him like you've seen Lincoln's Ghost*
    I...die, I think!
    "Excuse me! You're sitting on my Prada bag! You idiot!"
  • 19
    Which one of these books is closer to your tastes?
    Gulliver's Travels
    Treasure Island
    Strange Case of Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde
    Pride and Prejudice
  • 20
    In which of these roles do you like Helena Bonham Carter best?
    The Red Queen in "Alice in Wonderland"
    Mrs. Lovett in "Sweeney Todd"
    Emily in "The Corpse Bride"
    Julia Hoffman in "Dark Shadows"
    Ari in "Planet of the Apes"

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