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I know, I know. There are a ton of these. Way too many, really. I just had to create this quiz to make up for the other horrible house sorting quizzes. I want this quiz to be accurate, and show you what house you really would be in. Not because you like the colors green and silver.

  • 1
    If you saw a child drop their ice cream cone and start crying, what would you do?
    Walk away and pretend you didn't see anything.
    Kindly pat the child on the head and tell him you will buy him another.
    Think to yourself, "He shouldn't of been running around with ice cream anyway."
    Make a funny face to cheer the kid up, and buy him a new ice cream cone.
  • 2
    You're in your house. You hear a burglar going through your stuff and breaking things. What do you do?
    Fake being on his side, then stab him in the back! (metaphorically speaking)
    Confuse him by secretly taking things he knows he put there until help arrives.
    Run and find a phone to call 911.
    Smack him with a baseball bat.
  • 3
    Someone is bullying your friend. What do you do?
    Stand up for your friend.
    Sneak around the bullies and quietly pull him back into an abandoned area before pounding him to dust.
    Confront the bully and punch him in the face.
    Talk to the bully, explain fighting will only get them both in trouble.
  • 4
    You're at the store and you see someone shoplifting. You…
    Quickly find the store owner.
    Avert your eyes wondering how he managed to steal something.
    Stop the shoplifter, and put the item back, thinking, "He'll just regret it."
    Yell, "Stop, thief!" and run after him.
  • 5
    It's finally Saturday! What's your game plan?
    Sleep, ignoring anyone who tries to wake you up.
    Read a book, call a friend, go out.
    Hang out with friends.
    Do whatever I feel like at the moment.
  • 6
    You're relaxing after a long day of work, the phone rings in the other room. You…
    Tell someone else to get it.
    Think about getting it, but decide against it. Probably another sales call.
    Begrudgingly go answer it.
    Ignore it.
  • 7
    Your friends are all sneaking out to go smoke, they ask you to come. Do you?
    It really depends on how I'm feeling, maybe.
    Smoking once or twice isn't gonna kill you, yes.
    I don't think that would be a very great idea, no.
    It's incredibly stupid to smoke, no.
  • 8
    Your favorite TV show is on, but you don't have the channel, you…
    Watch it online, legally or illegally.
    Call up your best friend and ask to watch it at their house.
    Buy the channel, I'll need it again anyway. Another one is on next week.
    Sigh and wait for it to come on later.
  • 9
    It's the middle of the night, and your dog starts howling. What do you do?
    Tell your dog to shut up, it's two I'm the morning, I'm not dealing with this now.
    Give the dog some food, he'll shut up when he's eating.
    Try to ignore it until he stops.
    Try to see what's wrong with the dog.
  • 10
    You're in line on a jet plane to sky dive, the captain said to go, you…
    I could die doing this. I probably shouldn't.
    Take a deep breathe and jump out, at ease (or at least trying to look at ease).
    Jump out, to get it over with.
    Say, "Maybe this isn't such a good idea." as you look over the edge of the plane.

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