Does your crush like you back?

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Take this quiz to see if your crush is the guy for you or a waste of your time.

  • 1
    How well do you know him?
    I know him. But he doesn't know who I am.
    Very well! (we are best friends)
    I know a fair bit about him. (we are good fiends/friends)
    I know him. (he is in some of my classes)
  • 2
    How often do you see each other?
    He sometimes hangs with my group of friends in school and we see each other in a after school club.
    We hang out at school with our friends.
    We don't see each other very much. Maybe pass each other in the corridor.
    We see each other in class.
  • 3
    When he is around you does he act chivalrous? E.G. if you drop something does he pick it up for you or if you are both heading for a door does he let you go through first.
    Yes all the time!
    Sometimes, when he's around where I am.
    Most of the time. But he does that for every girl.
  • 4
    When your waiting in line outside you classroom and he is doing the same either because he is in the same class or because he is in the class next door, does he ever talk or smile at you?
    That situation never happens.
    He smiles most of the time and he sometimes talks to me.
    He talks to me and smiles a lot.
  • 5
    Does he ever find an excuse to talk to you?
    E.G. does he ask dumb questions/tell you whats obvious.
    He never has.:'(
    Quite a lot actually.
  • 6
    Honestly, have you ever caught him staring at you? (in a good way)
    Sometimes. (I do the same back)
    A few times but that was it.
    Yes, all the time.: D
  • 7
    If you are talking to another guy, what does he do if he sees you doing so?
    He watches closely and at the end of the conversation comes over and asks what that was all about.
    Nothing he just carries on with what he is doing.
    He looks at the 2 of you with an unimpressed face a couple times.
    He looks at you both with a blank face.
  • 8
    Have you ever hung out or played games with each other and your friends?
    We sometimes hang out with friends during break/lunch at school.
    We have never done either together.:''(
    We hang out with friends after school all the time.
    We never hang out but have played a few group games together in class.
    We play games together with friends in a after school/school club.
  • 9
    Have you ever talked to him alone about anything?
    A few times.
    Yes! quite a lot.
    Never had chance there is always someone around.
  • 10
    Does he ever tell you things he wouldn't tell anyone else?
    E.G. secrets/family things
    Yes! all the time, bless him.
    One/two things
    A few things.
  • 11
    Has he ever complimented you?
    He did once/twice.
    I'm not sure.
    He does sometimes.
    He never stops!
  • 12
    Has he ever touched you lightly?
    E.G. held your hand, hugged you, high five or pat on the back.
    BTW: If he was drunk at the time that does not count!
    He would never touch me.
    We hug all the time.
    We have hugged a few times and have held hands playing a game.
    I very rarely get a high five off him but it's the same for most other girls.
  • 13
    When both outside of school you end up at the same event as each other with your friends. What does he do?
    He tells his friends to come over with him to see you and your friends.
    He comes over and hangs with your friends and talks to you.
    Stays with his friends. But acknowledges your there and gives a smile.
    Completely ignores you.
  • 14
    When he talks to you, what does he do?
    He listens but doesn't take much notice.
    He never talks to you.
    He listens and looks at you but sometimes looks in the other direction.
    He looks you in the eyes and listens to what you say while his body is facing you.
  • 15
    Has he ever asked you to either hang out with him or go to some event with him?
    Yes, but only as friends.
  • 16
    Do you think he likes you in that way?
    Yes!: D
    I'm not sure.
    It's impossible he likes me that way.
    I think he might.

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