Harry Potter: Which House are you in?

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Have you ever wondered which Hogwarts house you are in? Take this test to find out!

  • 1
    You and your friend find free time in your day to practice Quidditch one-on-one. He/She falls of their broom and gets injured. What do you do?
    Keep flying on your own broom. It makes you look more skilled than them.
    Put them on your own broom and fly to the hospital wing.
    You've read a book on curing spells dozens of times. You can help!
    Bring them to Madam Pomfrey, she'll know what to do!
  • 2
    You have to meet with Dumbledore after potions. However, Snape says you need to stay an extra hour to work on your invisibility potion. What do you do?
    Tell Snape about your meeting with Dumbledore. Maybe he'll let you go.
    Pretend you forgot to come.
    Say you just forgot the slime slugs and will do better next time.
    Take a sip of the invisibility potion and leave.
  • 3
    Draco purposely hits your best friend with a jinx that magically pulls your pants down. He laughs and points it out to everybody he can find. What do you do?
    Stick out your wand and hit him with the same jinx. He deserves it.
    Take him/her away from the crowd. People can be so mean sometimes.
    Laugh with the crowd. It sort of is funny.
    Find the counter jinx so the crowd will have nothing to laugh at.
  • 4
    Finally, after weeks you get your O.W.L.S back, turns out you got a really bad grade! What do you do?
    You studied real hard and did your best effort, you can't see why this grade appears on your paper.
    What will my parents say!
    It's not the end of the world. Study harder next time!
    You decide to tell nobody your grade. These teachers have something against you...
  • 5
    A man promises you he can solve all your problems if you just tell him where your gringotts vault is. Tempted, you agree. The next day, you hear your vault has been robbed. Plans?
    Get a group of friends and sneak into his house to get your money back.
    Ask the goblins if they saw strange activity from the man, THEN hunt him down!
    That man is a rotten, backstabbing liar! He'll pay for this!
    It was obviously that man! You decide to find him and hand him to the dementors.
  • 6
    A student makes fun of Moaning Myrtle. What do you do?
    Confront them and tell them she has feelings too.
    Report them to Dumbledore. Hogwarts doesn't need any bullies.
    Tell Myrtle you're sorry for what they did.
  • 7
    Dumbledore wants all students back in their dormitories at 8:00, but you promised you'd go see Hagrid at 8:30 the same night. Plans?
    Break your promise, but tell Hagrid what happened in the morning and promise him a rain-check.
    Break your promise. Hagrid doesn't matter now.
    Sneak out when the teachers aren't on duty.
    Sneak out. You never break promises.
  • 8
    You get to class and turns out you have a big exam nobody told you about. Thoughts?
    Keep calm, it's not a life-or-death situation...
    Why didn't anyone tell you about this?
    This is a pop quiz isn't it! Release your rage on the professor.
    Oh no! You had no time to study! You're going to flunk!
  • 9
    You find your friend laying in the corridor stiff as stone. They have been petrified! What do you do?
    Be glad it's not you.
    Tell the professors.
    Hunt down the creature that is guilty.
    Carry them to the hospital wing and stay with them in your free time.
  • 10
    You hear Voldemort is getting stronger and is planning to attack Hogwarts! What do you do?
    Fight bravely. This is your chance to be a hero!
    Alert the aurors to keep an eye out for death eaters, problem solved!
    Cool! Now there is action in my perfectly boring life!
    Travel in groups cautiously and carefully.

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