Naruto Event Quiz

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This quiz is based on the events that happened in Narutoverse.

  • 1
    How did Namikaze Minato ending up by given his son’s name Naruto?
    By reading A Tale of a Gusty Ninja
    By reading Itcha Itcha Paradise
    By reading Itcha Itcha Tactics
  • 2
    Haruno Sakura tried to kill this person by using a poison kunai.
    Uchiha Itachi
    Uchiha Sasuke
    Uchiha Madara
  • 3
    This village constantly been used as a battle field by 5 great nations during the 3rd Shinobi War.
  • 4
    How did Hoshigaki Kisame passed away?
    He committed suicide.
    He was killed by Raikage and Killer Bee.
    He was killed by Yamato.
  • 5
    Karin used to be a Shinobi from this village before working with Orochimaru.
    Hidden Grass
    Hidden Cloud
    Hidden Sound
  • 6
    Which of the following is Danzo’s right man that been used by Kabuto to demonstrate Edo Tensei?
    Aburame Shino and Yamanaka Ino
    Aburame Tooru and Yamanaka Mifune
    Aburame Shibi and Yamanaka Ibiki
  • 7
    Which of the following can use a sealing jutsu to seal the person that been bought back by Edo Tensei jutsu?
    Rock Lee
    Subaku no Gaara
  • 8
    How did Uchiha Itachi got free from Yakushi Kabuto’s jutsu?
  • 9
    This person use a spiltting technics insteed of Kage Bunshin.
    2nd Mizukage
    2nd Tsuchikage
    2nd Raikage
  • 10
    What kind of seal did Namikaze Minato use to seal the Kyubi inside Uzumaki Naruto’s body?
    Dead Demon Consuming Seal
    Curse Seal
    Eight Trigrams Seal
  • 11
    Which of the Akatsuki member that strongly believe that Uchiha Sasuke is died?
    Hoshigaki Kisame
  • 12
    Which Shinobi that manage to control Kyuubi without using doujutsu?
    Uzumaki Naruto
    Uchiha Obito
    Uchiha Madara
  • 13
    Which of Killer Bee students that always have a negative thinking?
  • 14
    This shinobi thinks that woman is troublesome.
    Nara Shikamaru
    Akimichi Chouji
  • 15
    Here comes the famous question. Who is Tobi?
    No one and don’t want to be anyone
    Hatake Kakashi’s ex-teammate
    Nohara Rin’s lover

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