What Inner Eye Color Are You?

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Which eye color matches your personality? And why? Find out with this amazing (if I say so myself) quiz! NOTE- I realize not all answers may fit you perfectly, but try your best! Also, you'll get a surprise Princess match-up at the end!

  • 1
    What is your real-life eye color?
    A bright, sparkling blue
    An intense and deep light brown or amber
    A mysterious and light grey/blue/green
    A beautiful and intense green
    A very passionate chocolate or dark brown
  • 2
    What is the eye color you'd LIKE to have?
    I'd want something lighter. Light eyes are more interesting and beautiful to me.
    A more passionate, deep and honest-looking eye color; something darker.
    I want something completely different, maybe not even a natural color. I like being unique
    I want an intense, bright color to match my looks and personality
    I'd keep mine. I feel like it fits my looks and personality really well.
  • 3
    What is your ideal Friday night?
    Hanging out with close friends at the coolest place in town!
    Spending the night at a hilarious sleepover with friends who make the party even better!
    Reading, or spending a quiet night with close friends and good food.
    An amazing, intense bash! As long as SOMEBODY recognizes that random guest...
    An intimate get-together where food, feelings, and gossip is shared!
  • 4
    If you got $1,000, you'd use it to...
    Buy supplies for the ultimate party! Speakers, food, maybe a DJ!
    Buying books, kitties, puppies, music, and a comfy chair.
    Transform your room into an amazing place for entertaining and hanging out!
    Get nail polish and food! The two essentials to any good sleepover.
    Give to a not-well-known charity that needs a lot of help.
  • 5
    What sort of person would you like as a friend?
    Anybody who is really passionate about the same things as you!
    The girl who knows everything about everyone, is stunningly beautiful, and always has their phone with them.
    A fun, honest, and all-around great girl!
    A sensitive, sweet, and understanding person who really understands literature and theatre.
    Anyone who knows how to have fun, make more friends, and dislikes school... Just like you!
  • 6
    What color/type of hair do you have?
    Blonde! Duh.... I always make sure it's looking fabulous.
    My hair is the bomb! It's naturally black, but I like to have fun with it.
    Curly, thick dark hair. I'm always having it cut differently, but I don't mess too much with it.
    I have light or red hair that's wild, and always done differently.
    I have beautiful, long hair. It doesn't matter what color, because I'd look great in any color.
  • 7
    What music would you choose to listen to?
    Dance music, pop, hip-hop; pretty much anything that has a good beat.
    Old rock, whatever's on the radio, and some great little bands.
    Hmm. I like a lot, as long as it's not too explicit.
    WHAT ARE YOU TALKING 'BOUT? I make my OWN music.
    The coolest radio station in town. Top 40 all the way!
  • 8
    If you could dye your hair any way you want, you'd...
    I'd dye it in a vibrant, sort of natural color. As long as I don't get in trouble...
    Whatever will make me the center of attention! Bright is the new blonde!
    Make it bright! Probably red... Or blue, purple, and yellow. Whatever my mood is.
    No way would I dye my hair! I like it the way it is.
    Just bleach it. Blonde is great, right?
  • 9
    You go to get your ears pierced....
    Hmm. Starting out with your standard earlobe is great... But maybe one cartilage?
    "NO! I don't wanna! Well, fine, but only one per ear."
    If any, just one piercing, on the earlobe. Natural is always beautiful.
    Well, there's already 2 on each ear. Let's add one more, and maybe a belly-button too?
    And freak out. You decide you'll only get double pierced, MAX.
  • 10
    You're almost done with this quiz! You think:
    YES... Almost there. Party!
    Really? Are you sure this is detailed enough? I think to get a true answer, there should be more questions.
    Aww.... I need to find another quiz after this one!
    Okay. That's good. So is one of my eyes their "real" color now?
  • 11
    How's your eyesight?
    I'm not so great. But I have contacts now!
    I just wear my contacts to change my eye color.
    It's pretty good. I had glasses when I was little, but I grew out of it.
    What about eyes? *squints to read question*
    Ah-ma-zing! But I wear smart-looking glasses anyway.
  • 12
    When you grow up, you're going to be...
    A model, fashion designer, or beauty exec. Probably, anyway.
    Something with history or literature. I'm not sure exactly, but I've always liked knowing about people and places.
    A scientist or mathematician. Discovering things and solving problems is what I like to do.
    Something in the arts! I like expressing myself.
    In the entertainment industry. I like having a good time, and helping others to have a good time too!
  • 13
    Why are you taking this quiz, anyhow?
    I needed a break from studying.
    Late Night + Boredom = Me taking random quizzes.
    Hmm. I'm bored, and this looked creative and interesting.
    I was looking at the bottom of the page after I finished a different quiz.
    I REALLY want to know! I've always wondered...
  • 14
    Your favorite color(s)?
    Pink, purple, and blue. They're so pretty! I also like whatever colors look good on me, and pretty pastels.
    I'm not sure. The interesting thing about color is, it's not really there. It's just about reflected light and...
    I don't know! All colors are beautiful. I especially like blue and orange, but NOT together
    Lots of blues, purple, reds, and other dark colors.
    Any bright colors, except pink. I like being feminine, but not girly.
  • 15
    What is your personal style?
    I like pretty and posh.
    Vivid and unique, but elegant.
    Whatever's cool, but with some edge. It should also reflect me.
    Functional, modern, and not too "out-there".
    Cute and comfy is the best!

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