Are you pretty, cute, hot, or beautiful?

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Take this test to find out!- BE HONEST! <3

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    Your hair is-

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Sarah ( 55350 )
Posted 436 days ago
Thank u. im 30 beutiful. 30 pretty
Jaguarkitty ( 87216 )
Posted 440 days ago
I'm 12.. My friends say I'm adorable because I'm sweet,caring, and quiet I'm single somehow
thackers knhjvtygdc ( 02896 )
Posted 444 days ago
i am not cute i am fugly but got cute plus i am male
Lolz ( 49101 )
Posted 446 days ago
Hey i dont actually care about wht random quizzes say but i was bored. I got 60% cute which is cool. The thing is imma teenager and i dont date even tho my friends say i could get a guy, fguys font ask me. They kno imma turn them down. If ur 10, get out.
Wibbit ( 20355 )
Posted 465 days ago
Apparently I'm only 40% cute. I get told other wise. And why are young people on here? They say they are dating, but really all the have is a boy friend. Not boyfriend
Me ( 97863 )
Posted 465 days ago
Ok I'm almost. Teenager so I'm gonna hate my body more than I Gould but letting a dumb website tell u how to live ur life is not what I or any of u need ok??
Anonymous ( 09570 )
Posted 466 days ago
I am 10 and single...I got 80% cute.
I am So 💗 ( 69136 )
Posted 473 days ago
Why is click on link and look at comment? Why ten year olds on this quiz? Why girls taking quiz? Why not just say you are hot or cute? Why so many insecure? Why so many young? Why so many take quiz?
Griffin demers ( 77937 )
Posted 473 days ago
This is sad u guys really believe this...all this little kids saying I'm single and hot..listen u guys got a full life to live when you get older u will regret doing this..if u get a bf/gf u r probably not going to marry or make it out of school together soo think before u talk
Annie Marie ( 06301 )
Posted 477 days ago
Y'all are way too young for this stuff
Elle ( 15216 )
Posted 479 days ago
I'm 10 and single 😘 @Nathan xD
Leanna ( 45456 )
Posted 482 days ago
Im cute :3 I think im ugly... But there is this boy in my class....... he keeps on staring at me, I do have a crush on him, Does he like me :3 IM CWAZY WOMAN :33
Josie ( 97239 )
Posted 482 days ago
I am beautiful or hot stuff and I am only 11.
cute ( 67399 )
Posted 482 days ago
i am ten and single but not ready to mingle . i got cute i guss its cool i dont realy care BECOUSE I SHOU:D GET BEUTIFEL I MEAN I AM MORE THAN BEAUTIFUL I SHOULD GET THE SCORE I DESERVE !!! so yea .... its coool ....
Eva ( 93116 )
Posted 484 days ago
I got cute I like the way I look but I wish I was more skinny and have longer hair
Potatoes ( 00481 )
Posted 488 days ago
I'm NOT hot, I look like a potato that got a mutation or somthing
%uD83D%uDE42 ( 50513 )
Posted 490 days ago
I got 100. On cute cause I'm actually really cute everyone says I'm cute
Mystery ( 86616 )
Posted 495 days ago
I got 100% hot and I am not surprised because I am sexy as... yeah. JK I am actually surprised of my results but hey, who doesn't want to be called hot? I have brown hair and green eyes so like, wha? I guess it's because all guys tell me I am a mystery to them and I don't date often even though, not to brag,no have a lot of options.
Julie ( 39111 )
Posted 496 days ago
does golden count as blonde
Rose ( 59614 )
Posted 501 days ago
I got cute nd iam happy wid the results