Are you pretty, cute, hot, or beautiful?

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Take this test to find out!- BE HONEST! <3

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    Your hair is-

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Carson (12401)
242 days ago
Brown hair hazel and mixed colored eyes says I'm beautiful and cute
Micah powers (72773)
258 days ago
mine said undetermined! what!
Micah powers (72773)
258 days ago
i feel like this test was meant for girls. Is it just me?
Beautiful Cutest girl in the world (74023)
259 days ago
I am called " cute " by my friends. Other adults mostly call me " beautiful " and " pretty " and once this Women said " what??? how are you so sexually beautiful?? " so then my mum and I laughed together.
Paz (79755)
264 days ago
OMG I got hot oh yeah baby YASSS!!!
Sam (66476)
272 days ago
Got pretty just pretty
Music_Girl🎶 (71281)
274 days ago
I. Got. HOT! *Flips hair in slo-mo*
Sparkles (75911)
278 days ago
Hot? I don't think so. I'm always told that I am cute. Guys always fall for me? Nah, I'm in 10th grade and not once has anyone ever asked me out.
co (97342)
279 days ago
NO!! Got hot instead of cute!!!!!!!!!

being outgoing or happy or outgoing is not flirtatious ;[
Janita (21350)
279 days ago
I'm cute. In real life as well. People describe me as shy, sweet and kind. They're always pulling my cheeks and say that I'm really cute.
Mubo (69704)
280 days ago
Yaayyy Im cute:D. But apparently im hot in real life. Well, Its nice ta know what the internet thinks of me. Close enough(;
Glitta girl (75807)
282 days ago
I got hot. Brown hair, one blue eye, one green eye, pretty rich, and out going. Now that I think about it, I do sound pretty hot!
sally4life (36846)
283 days ago
atayja you are really cute just saying
atayja (36846)
283 days ago
i got cute but i really am cute
Jaxy (34446)
291 days ago
According to the quiz I'm hot. 😂 I have green
eyes, brown hair, and glasses. I also shaved
half my head... and I'm hot? 😂 😂 😂 Follow
me on musically @lo_and_jaxy!!!
sassy (82702)
297 days ago
cute & beautiful & hot
Hotty (02798)
309 days ago
I am really pleased this is so good for me
Dariana Snowden (79296)
311 days ago
I got to be hot or beautiful
Darren (88312)
316 days ago
Yeah..... I'm not a girl.... But apparently I would be hot if I was one LOL!
Catalina (70062)
327 days ago
Wow. I got cute and beautiful, this thing couldn't make up its mind. Best of both worlds! 😉