Does (your crush) REALLY like you?

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Sometimes you don't know if your crush really likes you or not. He may be too shy, doesn't know how to express his feelings, etc. Whatever the reason, my quiz will help you figure him out! ;) *ANSWER HONESTLY AND YOU WILL GET GENUINE RESULTS!*

  • 1
    What does he do when you enter the classroom?
    Waves or smiles...maybe even says something. His friend(s) might tap him/ motion at you.
    Nothing/Looks up like everyone else and continues whatever it was he was doing..
    Looks at me.. for a while..he starts tapping his pencil or whatever..
    Maybe slides down in his seat and starts bobbing his head or tries to look chill..
    Glances at me a few times until I take a seat..but might pretend like he's just looking around the room.
  • 2
    There is a Valentine's Day Ball at your school and the "Event's Planners" students decides that the girls ask the guys. Well, lucky you, no one has asked your crush yet. When you ask him, what does he say? (based on his personality too!)
    "Yeah. Sounds like fun!"
    "Cool" maybe also winks.
    "Yeah. Okay!"
    "Sorry but, I don't think I'm going." or "Okay. I guess I'll go."
    "Sure. I'd love to go with you."
  • 3
    Has he ever touched you in a flirtatious way before? If so, and you flirted back or whatever, what did he do? (BTW-kissing doesn't count right now..)
    He's tried to/ has touched me (appropriately) but I didn't flirt back, though.
    He tries to get close to me, but never really says anything to me.
    He doesn't really do anything with me..does walking close behind me count!
    He's grabbed my hand/ touched my arm. When/if I flirt back, he'll do it more, maybe smile.
    He's touched my body (torso)..maybe whispered in my ear or something...
  • 4
    Does he ever talk to you? (Counts if you start the conversation, too!) When/if he does, does he seem interested in YOU?
    Yeah, kind of. But he seems fly like he's not nervous and he does seem a little interested.
    Not really..if/when he does, he seems nervous or like he wants to say more.
    Yes..and he seems like he really wants to talk to me!
    We don't talk/I don't see him much/He doesn't seem interested and only talks to me if he has to. (like if I ask a question or if we're paired in a group, etc.)
    He may stutter..I don't know if he's interested because he doesn't carry on the conversation..
  • 5
    When he does talk to you, where are his eyes?
    He looks in my eyes like he wants something..(not the boobs--nothing like that!)
    He looks directly into my eyes..sometimes at my lips..or my hair...
    Sometimes, he looks at the floor..maybe at his hands or just not directly into my eyes..he seems nervous.......
    He looks at me and stuff..into my eyes too, but he doesn't look like he's seen the Angel of Beauty..
    He looks at my face, mostly into my eyes. But, he (almost) always looks at me whenever we're talking..
  • 6
    Who usually starts the conversation(s)? Does he usually keep it going or do you have to keep the fire burning?
    He might start talking first, but then he may sweet-talk me or some cheesy stuff like that.
    He usually finds a reason to come and talk to me. He also continues it.
    I have to start it more often but he always cuts it short. I think he wants to say something..
    We both kind of start it. I think I have to keep talking more, though...
    I usually start the conversations./We don't talk./He talks to me like a friend.
  • 7
    When you are standing up in class (if he has classes with you) or wherever, does he get up too? If so, how close does he stand by you? (If he doesn't get up, choose D.)
    He might stand really really close behind me, maybe even touching me with his body (shoulder to shoulder, his chest on your back, etc.)
    If he gets up, he'll strike up a conversation and try to make me laugh.
    He might get up or just watch me. If he does get up, he'll try to stand close but will be a little distant.
    He probably won't get up. If he does, he'll be far away or might talk to me.
    He might get in front of me or do something to get my attention.
  • 8
    Does he ever look at you?
    Yes..a lot!
    A little..
    Yeah. I see him out the corner of my eye(s) staring/glancing at me.
    Not really/He might catch my eye while glancing across the room.
  • 9
    Your friends invite you out to a movie with a group. Let's just say that your parents let you go. When you get to the movies and see everyone, you notice that your crush is there talking to someone else you know. In the ticket line, people start to leave, claiming that 'they had something else to do'. Anyways, in a couple of minutes, you find that it's just going to be you and your crush..all alone..seeing a movie together. He..
    Tries to pull a move on me! (arm around my shoulder, kiss, etc.) <3
    Watches for me to reach for some popcorn and coincidentally "reaches at the same time"..our hands/fingers meet, and he smiles..maybe scoots closer to me..
    Sneaks his arm around me and leans in close.
    Rests his arm beside mine (on the same armrest I happen to be using..) o_O
    Just watches the movie..He may show SOME interest, though..
  • 10
    Uh-Oh! The teacher assigns partners in class for a major project..and of course, guess who gets to work with you? YOUR CRUSH..yay! (said sarcastically) How do you guys exchange numbers?
    He/I ask. He looks relieved and maybe smiles more.
    He just takes out his smartphone and hands it to me with a contact form for me to fill out.
    I ask for his number and we both exchange information.
    He takes out his phone and asks for it and texts me later on that night.
    We don't exchange numbers/ he texts me about the project/ doesn't text me.
  • 11
    OMG..again! This is the most embarrassing moment in your's raining outside, so the floor has slippery, wet floors from the bitches that didn't wipe their fuc*ing feet on the damn mats. You walk through the door and all of a sudden, you slip and fall on the side of your ass and everyone stares..what makes it more embarrassing? Your crush is there to watch! (BTW--it didn't hurt at all..) He...
    Asks if I'm okay and walks back to where he was/does nothing like almost everybody else.
    Rushes over, helps me up, and says, "Are you okay? Do you need to go to the nurse?" and being the huge flirt I am, I start limping and he escorts me to heaven.
    Says, "Are you okay? Do you need help?" and slowly helps me up..
    Slowly helps me up and strikes up a conversation.
    Says, "Hey, baby, watch out." and as he helps you up, he keeps holding your hand.
  • 12
    Has your crush ever tried to get your attention?
    Not really/He's a class clown but not towards me.
    Yes, but it's only when his friend(s) aren't looking/it's secretive.
    Yes, I think he's aiming towards me.
    Sometimes/Not really. He seems too shy.
    He's tried to, but I didn't really give him my attention.
  • 13
    Does he ever ask you stupid questions that he could answer by himself or do something stupid just so you could talk to him?
    Yes, and I respond/laugh.
    Yes, but I don't really respond to him.
    Nope...not really.
    Yes, but it's very seldom, and I sometimes do(n't) respond.
    Sometimes, but he's so sexy with it! =_=
  • 14
    You're staying after school for tutorial in Algebra. Since the teacher's not there, go to the other tutorial down the hall. You walk in to find a few people and you take a seat in front of the computers. You start on your homework and your crush comes and sits right next to you! He asks you if the computer is working (and it is) and you say yes. As he sits down, you ask if he's good in the subject. (He says yes!) So being the flirt that you are, you ask if he could help you (even though you're an A++ student) on some problems. He..
    Nervously sits down and helps you, but you guys share a special "OMG-we're about to kiss" moment (that doesn't happen eventually)
    Pulls up a chair and leans in really close and helps you out, smiling most of the time.
    Sits really close, and does something cheesy like: holding your hand (which has a pencil in it) and writes equations like he's teaching you to write your A B C's or flips your hair because he thinks it's in the way..etc
    Says sure or okay and he teaches you some stuff/the next time he sees you, he may wave at you..
    Helps you, and uses examples like, "For every x, Juan gets a new girlfriend." You get my point..
  • 15
    Do you think he likes you?
    Yes, I think so./I KNOW he does.
    Probably......he doesn't seem like it.
    I hope..I don't know..maybe?
    Maybe not?
    Well I'm taking this quiz to find out, so...

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isable ( 1.201 )
Posted 208 days ago
this worked hizs friends set me up to look stupis and he got exluded for smashing in there heads with a mallet from teck when he got back we did full fruntall snogging
Sapphire ( 5.167 )
Posted 225 days ago
I really wish he would ask me out soon! ^-^
Nick ( 46.83 )
Posted 263 days ago
Q 11 felt personal....
Guest ( 1.173 )
Posted 288 days ago
Hey! This really helped! I took this test a week ago and yesterday he asked me out! Thanks!