Which Warrior are you?

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10 Questions - Developed by: Leopardblaze - Developed on: - 5.806 taken

Take this short test to find out if you are a medicine cat, a kit, a leader, a warrior, or an apprentice.

  • 1
    You see a rogue coming towards you. What do you do?
    Get your mentor and screech at the top of your lungs!
    Avoid it completely-in a fight, your herbs might get trampled.
    Question it, set it free with a warning, and patrol more carefully.
    Get more warriors to secure it while you question.
    Run away caterwauling to find a leaf to play with.
  • 2
    How old are you in moons?
    I'm about 24 moons old, I use special herbs from my den.
    I can't remember, but I'm on my 5th life.
    I'm 15 moons old, now please stop questioning me!
    About 4 moons old.
    I am 7 moons old.
  • 3
    One of the warriors has green cough. What do you do about it?
    Prepare the necessary herbs in my den and look for cat mint.
    *cough* *cough* I AM that warrior!
    Make sure my mentor doesn't get infected.
    Help the medicine cat move him/her to the den and stay away.
    I can't do anything about it.
  • 4
    A badger is rumored to have been spotted on your Clan's territory. What do you do?
    Ask at the next Gathering around to see if it's a rumor.
    Tell my mentor as quickly as I can!
    Prepare the necessary herbs for bites and scratches.
    Tell the other warriors and strengthen patrols.
    Run away into the nursery.
  • 5
    It's a cold winter's day and the Clan is huddled in camp. What do you do?
    Get right in the middle with my mentor... warm...
    Hunt for the Clan. I'm the only one with 9 lives!
    Make sure that the elders have fresh moss and are warm.
    Prepare for any frostbite and white cough that may come of the cold weather.
    Hide in the nursery with my mom.
  • 6
    It's a winter's day and snow has fallen during the night. What now?
    Dive in and play with the kits.
    Use some of the fresh snow to hydrate the herbs.
    Get the warriors and apprentices and train for battle.
    Leap into the fresh snow, you don't have anything else to do.
    Get your apprentice out of the snow and go hunting.
  • 7
    No one needs to hunt, fight, train, anything! What do you do?
    Sleep in- it's like a holiday! YAY!
    Patrol the borders- this is the best time for someone to attack.
    Get a ball of moss to play with.
    Go help the warriors.
    Gather fresh herbs.
  • 8
    One of your dearest friends breaks the warrior code. What do you do?
    Tell them that you have to tell the leader.
    Won't say.
    Punish them or warn them.
    Won't do anything.
    Stay out of their business- I abide by the MEDICINE CAT code.
  • 9
    ShadowClan is attacking the camp!
    Prepare the necessary herbs.
    Secure the dens while awakening the warriors.
    Fight them!
    Run and hide in the nursery.
    EEK! Get my mentor, get my mentor, get my mentor...
  • 10
    One of your friends has been meeting with a cat from another Clan.
    Don't do anything- I do it all the time.
    They can't go outside camp- HOW?
    Play along with them.
    Tell the leader.
    My friends wouldn't do that!

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