Black ops 2

Developed by: Louis

Please take this black ops 2 test. Okay! so this is how it will go. You will answer 10 questions.At the end you will end up grading the game and i wanna know what you give it. I hope it passes (65)

  • 1
    Do you think black ops 2 is worth the money?
    If i knew it was that bad i wouldnt buy it
    Worth It!
    In some aspects its good but I'd rather pay less
    I think it was a good investment
    I'd rather burn the money
  • 2
    How would you compare this game to mw3?
  • 3
    Are there times you wanna give up on Black ops 2?
    1/2 the time
    All the time
    Once in a while
    When i had enough
  • 4
    Do you feel like every gun is nooby?
    Maybe one bad gun
    Perhaps a few arent
    All balanced
    All of them are nooby
    Half of em
  • 5
    Are the games laggy?
    Smooth like Butter
    Maybe I can get a kill if they stay still
    I cant even walk
    Noticable lag, not that bad
    Laggy alot of times. they are ahead
  • 6
    Are the spawns bad?
    Spawns are kept nicely
    Spawn close to me
    Spawn RIGHT behind me
    Maybe some flaws
    Spawn fair distances
  • 7
    Are you bad at this game?
    I cant even get a kill
    I consider myself average
    ABOVE average
    A bit above average maybe
    I would consider myself a typical noob
  • 8
    Are Scoresteaks easy to get?
    Most of em are way too easy
    If your good youll get them
    Noobs get them
    I guess people work hard for them
    Maybe some are bullsh#t
  • 9
    Do you find going for the objective fun?
    Perhaps if nobodys going for it
    Its my duty
    Ill never go for it.No point!
    Maybe in the start of the game
    Ill give just a little fight then ill give up
  • 10
    Are your steam friends on daily/ do you party up
    None of them are on
    Theres a handfull
    Perhaps 1 or 2
    A shit load of them are on and party instantly
    We can get a party going