Sly Cooper 3 Quiz

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OK, everyone, this quiz is meant for people who at least completed Sly 3 or something like that.

  • 1
    What helped you defeat Octavio?
    You did it yourself
    The police helped
    Sly using the tar to slow him down
  • 2
    In what episode does Bentley find a girl?
    The third one
    The first one
    The last one
    He doesn't find a girl; that will happen in Sly 4!
  • 3
    How is Dr. M defeated?
    He doesn't die; he is arrested
    He gets killed by Cameralita who shoots him
    The Cooper Vault is destroyed, and stuff collapses on him, crushing him, supposedly killing him
    He swims away in the ocean, never to be seen or heard from again
    He drowns
  • 4
    What is the upgrade of the smoke bomb?
    It is more bigger when you use it!
    It makes guards fall asleep
    It's gone forever (cry)
    It doesn't have a upgrade
  • 5
    What is the full title of SLY 3?
    Sly 3 The Cooper Fault
    Sly 3 A New Legacy
    Sly 3 The Big Heist
    Just SLY 3
    Sly 3 Honor Among Thieves
  • 6
    What episode do you do the mission where you use the wolf to get rid of the pilots?
    The third one
    The sixth one
    The first one
  • 7
    Is Clockwork in Sly 3?
    In the second episode, he is seen
    He is mentioned, but not seen
    He appears in a picture somewhere
    Sly has a flashback of him
  • 8
    Is it true that every playable character can pickpocket?
  • 9
    What gang member cannot hit anyone?
    Everyone can hit!
    The Guru
  • 10
    How can you use The Guru's powers to your advantages?
    To have wings to fly
    You can possess guards, and ride on them like a horsey! You also "disguise yourself!"
    He lost his powers for good because someone sucked them out of him
  • 11
    Where is the location of episode 1?
    Paris (AGAIN!)
  • 12
    What happens at the end?
    Dr. M and Sly are killed by the crushing weight of the destroyed Cooper Vault
    The gang has more members
    The gang splits up for their desires
    The gang stops thieving
    Sly dies
  • 13
    In episode one, at the safe house, what does Murray eat every once in a while?
    French Fries
    Ice Cream

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