What Warrior Cat Are You?

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18 Questions - Developed by: Brambleclaw - Developed on: - 11.022 taken

Find out which cat from the Warriors series has the same instincts as you.(Sorry for the three types of amber but the three of the warriors I chose all have amber eyes)

  • 1
    What Kind Of Pelt Do You Have
    Tabby brown
    Dark brown tabby with battle scars
    Flame colored ginger
    Light brown tabby with white paws
  • 2
    What Eye Color Do You Have?
    Ambitious Amber
    Bright Amber
    Soft Amber
  • 3
    Your Clan Is In A Battle. Your Mate or Best Friend Is Deeply Wounded, Your Leader Is Pinned, And You Have No Opponent. You
    Yell to a warrior to help the leader, take your best friend behind a safe bush and tend to his wounds.
    Rescue your leader, than bring your mate out of the battle, and just jump back into battle.
    Save your leader, help your mate and, since your out numbered, yell retreat.
    Leave your leader and mate, fight for yourself.
    Save your leader first and bring your mate all the way back to camp and make sure she/he's safe.
  • 4
    You and a patrol finds a cat wandering on your territory. You
    Send the patrol to continue and once they are gone you make plans with him to over run the leader.
    Ask him what he's doing on your territory, then send someone to bring the leader so she/he can deal with him.
    Ask him what he's doing on your territory, then lead him to the camp so the leader can deal with him.
    Question him and deal with the problem yourself but with wisdom.
    Leave so the patrol can deal with it but hide behind a bush just in case there is a battle and there are wounds.
  • 5
    You figure out your best friend/mate is doing something against the warrior code. You
    Spit in his/her face for being disloyal and tell the leader right away.
    Tell your friend that if she/he stops you won't tell the leader.
    Tell your friend you will tell the leader because you have no choice.
    Tell them it is wrong but you won't tell the leader.
    Keep the secret, no questions asked.
  • 6
    You are in love with someone from another clan. You
    Run away with him/her and think that your place can be filled and that you can't pick your love.
    Try to stay away from them and try to find someone from your own clan to take your mind of them.
    Meet with them secretly and if you ever end up with kits, make sure it stays with his/her clan so no one can question you.
    Ask Starclan for guidance and do as they say.
    Try to convince him/her to join your clan.
  • 7
    You are in the middle of battle when a new surge of enemies come so you are outnumbered. You
    Try to catch eyes with your leader and plead for him to retreat just using your eyes.
    Yell to your leader your clan needs to retreat and respect his decision, even if he says to continue to fight.
    Continue fighting and make sure no one needs help but stay alert if your leader says to retreat.
    Realize your clan is weak and quickly switch sides against your clan.
    Fight harder and two opponents at once.
  • 8
    You are a kit and you have a chance to sneak out of camp. You
    Sneak out and go to the borders to check for any trespassers.
    Sneak out and try to catch butterflies and falling leaves.
    Sneak out and explore the territory.
    Sneak out and try to hunt real pray.
    Stay in camp so your clanmates can trust you as a loyal clanmate.
  • 9
    You are told by your leader to stay in the camp while they are going to fight in battle. You
    Agree because if the battle comes to the camp you can fight
    Agree and if the battle comes to the camp you defend the kits, queens and elders.
    Argue and say that you can stay behind a bush and heal wounds from there.
    Sneak out and in the middle of the battle and kill your leader from behind, unseen.
    Argue that you are a strong warrior and you should fight not guard the camp.
  • 10
    You are in a restaurant. What do you order?
    What fills my belly.
    Freshly killed Squirrel, with a dressing of blood.
    A squirrel with a bit of herbal tea please.
    I would like a plump pigeon with a side of duck sauce.
    Mmmmm Juicy mice.
  • 11
    If you could change one thing about you, what would it be?
    You would change the warrior code so that medicine cats can have mates from any clan.
    You would like a good father.
    You would like to have fallen in love with someone from your clan.
    You would like to have been born in Thunderclan.
    You would like to be leader right away without any help.
  • 12
    What is your favorite color?
  • 13
    If you had one super power, what would it be?
    The ability to change peoples opinions.
    The ability to hide your scent and others, as well as scent from far and upwind.
    The ability to cure at touch.
    The ability to make all right decisions.
    The ability to win every battle.
  • 14
    If you were a kit, what activity would you prefer?
    Raiding a warrior.
    Catching a tail.
    Catching moths and butterflies.
    Climb a tall tree.
    Practice battle moves you've heard about with unsheathed claws.
  • 15
    If you were accused of being disloyal by a clanmate you would
    Turn the argument around and say something off the subject.
    Argue that you are just as loyal as anyone else, no matter what your background is.
    Walk away, sheathing and unsheathing your claws angrily but avoid any confrontation.
    State calmly even though your angry that your loyalty to your clan comes first.
    Attack with unsheathed claws.
  • 16
    If you get a message from Starclan you
    Ignore them and choose to make your owns destiny.
    Keep it to yourself and think it is nothing and that Starclan won't talk to you.
    Figure out what it means and if you don't understand it within three moons you notify the leader.
    Alert your leader immediately.
    Think about it for a while, then tell your best friend.
  • 17
    If you were to be on a patrol, which would it be?
    Any patrol.
    Border patrol.
    Hunting patrol.
    Battle patrol.
    Search patrol.
  • 18
    Let Starclan decide.

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