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Which are you?

  • 1
    What do you think of Gun Control?
    Our second amendment supports guns, we have rights!
    Guns are good but we don't need certain types like Assault weapons
    It's Horrible, people have the right to defend themselves from the criminals and our tyrannical government
    People with guns need a mental evaluation
    We need it!
  • 2
    Gay Marriage, what do you think?
    It's not up to our government to decide
    Marriage is sacred
    I'm for it
    I'm a Hardcore supporter of it
  • 3
    What do you think of drugs? (pot, meth, certain types of pills, etc.)
    Why should the government decide what people do to themselves? But we should ban Prozac!
    We need to restrict all drugs now!
    Where have our liberties and personal freedoms gone?
    Dude I want to get high right now!
    I Don't care
  • 4
    What do you think of the war in the middle east? Should we keep spending our tax $$$ on it?
    Stay in and worry about our troops and not America
    War is absolutely horrible, we need out now
    We should spread Democracy and stay in the middle east, and put more $ into our national defenses
    We should pull out, but strengthen our national defenses
    War makes America look like bullies and we shouldn't strengthen our defense program
  • 5
    What do you think of gun free zones? And teachers with concealed carry?
    The 2nd amendment is the 2nd amendment, what's to stop people from carrying in gun free zones and teachers from carrying?
    The government should set an example and make all federal buildings gun free zones, well see how safe they are then. Our teachers need guns as well.
    More people get killed in them, and our teachers need to carry guns to protect the children from school shootings
    What if the teacher falls and a 4 year old picks up the gun and goes on a shooting spree? That's why we need gun free zones for that reason too.
    Gun free zones stop terrorists and guns will instinctively kill kids.
  • 6
    Life begins at conception.
    Unless the Mothers life is in danger, and rape and incest.
    We need more abortion clinics
    I support it
    Just puked in my mouth here, I'M PRO LIFE!
  • 7
    Prayer in schools?
    I don't mind it.
    1st amendment includes right to religion, people can pray if they want to.
    Religion is wrong!
    It offends kids with other religions
    Whats wrong with you? students can pray!
  • 8
    What do you think of taxes?
    Tax the rich! No tax for poor.
    Taxes are bad, they don't do anything to strengthen the economy
    We should have very low taxes, like at 1%
    50% taxes for all!
    No taxes!
  • 9
    What do you think of Government health care?
    Obama care is the worst thing in the history of America.
    We could ban all guns first, then make the 2nd amendment rights to free health care
    Yet again, I have thrown up in my mouth.
    I'm entitled to it
    You have no rights to it. We should privatize it
  • 10
    What should we do to James Holmes? (the Colorado batman shooter)
    Ban guns, and put him in a county jail, we can pay for his food and security
    Put him in a mental asylum
    Give him the electric chair or lethal injection.
    Leave him for dead in the Sahara desert
    Put him up against the wall and shoot him.
  • 11
    What should we with our borders and the illegals.
    Give the illegals rights but close up the borders
    Increase security
    Give the illegals jobs, and no American rights, but close up the borders
    The illegals are taking our jobs, we should deport them and increase border security.
    No border security, and give the illegals all the rights Americans have.
  • 12
    What would you say if I said the environment is in danger?
    I'd ask if you drive a Prius
    Calm down you pot smoking liberal hippie
    I Agree
    Al gore is a liar and is just mad he lost the election
    Its only a theory
  • 13
    What do you think about the TSA?
    They really save our lives, I Mean
    Disband those groping sicks, they haven't caught anyone.
    They failed to catch the Underwear bomber, so disband them
    Thank You 9/11
    They disgust me. They're violating our 4th amendment
  • 14
    If it was up to you to decide the president for 2012, who would you pick?
    Virgil Goode
    Jill Stein
    Mitt Romney
    Barack Obama
    Gary Johnson
  • 15
    Who was your favorite previous President?
    Ronald Reagan
    Thomas Jefferson
    Franklin D. Roosevelt
    Bill Clinton
    Richard Nixon

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