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So, you've been accepted to Hogwarts! Well, you can't start classes without being sorted first! Good luck!

  • 1
    Of the following, which is your strongest quality?
  • 2
    You are running late for class when you stumble across a group of bullies picking on someone much younger than them. What do you do?
    Go up to the bullies and tell them to stop bullying the kid, then walk the kid to his class
    Keep going - you don't have time, someone else will do it.
    Threaten to beat up the bullies if they don't leave him alone
    Get the bullies to stop bullying the kid, then run off to your class
  • 3
    Who is your biggest role model?
    Your parents
    An athlete or celebrity
    A political figure
    A teacher or professor
  • 4
    Which element do you prefer?
  • 5
    Which of these most closely resembles one of your hobbies?
    Art: drawing, writing, photography, painting, etc
    Leadership: leading a club/organization, giving speeches/opinions, etc
    Laid-Back: relaxing, watching TV, reading, etc
    Physical: running, exercise, sports, etc
  • 6
    Favorite location?
    Anywhere, as long as it's fun!
    Historical Sites
  • 7
    You're given a free trip to any of the following places. Which do you choose?
    Greece - there's just so much art and history!
    Washington DC - the political capital of the United States!
    Bahamas - the relaxing sun, the soothing waves, what's not to love?
    Los Angeles - so much excitement, the mountains, the beach, and the city, all in one!
  • 8
    Favorite elementary school subject?
    Social Studies
  • 9
    What does your career goal most closely relate to?
    Something that allows for freedom and flexibility
    Something that allows me to help others
    Something that allows me to be in charge
    Something modest that will allow me to support myself and my family
  • 10
    You have a test in your least favorite class tomorrow morning at 10. It's now 10 at night. what do you do?
    Cram. You can't believe this test came up that quickly!
    You're confident you'll do just fine. Why should you worry?
    You'll just wing it tomorrow. You've reviewed a little, that should be enough.
    You're already prepared for the test. You review your notes before going to bed.
  • 11
    What is your biggest fear?
    Living a boring, mediocre life
    Your friends abandoning you
    Failing out of school
    Being ridiculed in public
  • 12
    Do you agree with the following: "There is no good or evil, just power, and those too weak to seek it."
    I can definitely see the point in it, but I still think it's wrong. Power is very tempting, yes, and there are those who are to weak to find it. But even a very powerful person can be good or bad.
    I don't agree with it. Things aren't always black or white. You have to refer to the thought behind an act before deciding whether it is right or wrong. And not being powerful doesn't mean you're weak. Life is all about choices, you see!
    Power leads to jealousy, jealousy to ill will and ill will to lies. This is a very good example of that!
    Totally wrong! Of course there is good and evil. Power is just something you could use for the better or the worse.
  • 13
    Which of these sentences appeals to you most?
    You should use each day as if it was your last. You never know what you could attain tomorrow!
    Practicing what I preach is very important to me.
    I believe that the ends justify the means.
    The circle is the most perfect symbol; without it there would be no beginning, and if so there would be no end.
  • 14
    You are embarrassed by your friend, what do you do?
    Get your friend back but this time at school.
    Laugh about it with them and continue being friends
    Take them off your friends list in everything you own
    Blackmail him/her with a secret they told you.
  • 15
    The Sorting Hat takes your choice into consideration! Which house would like to be in?

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