Find your Warrior Cats name, Clan, and description! ~For she-cats only!~

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This is a fun quiz to find out what your name, Clan, and description would be if you were a warrior cat. Enjoy!:)

  • 1
    What Clan would you like to belong in?
  • 2
    What rank would you prefer?
    Warrior / Queen
    Medicine cat
  • 3
    Do you have a mate?
    Maybe, if I found the right person
    I'm looking!
  • 4
    Would you like to have kits?
    I can't. I'm a medicine cat
    Of course!
    No, they would distract me
    If my mate agreed
  • 5
    What describes you best?
    I'm fun, energetic, and caring!
    I prefer to be alone, I'm hostile and fierce.
    I love being with my friends, and I'm always prepared.
    I'm protective, and I love to help others.
  • 6
    What would you rather do?
    Heal my Clanmates
    Patrol the border
    Hunt in the forest for my Clan
    Swim in the river
  • 7
    What season do you like best?
  • 8
    What's your favourite colour?
    Black, dark gray, dark brown. Dark dark dark!
    Blue, white and silver! All shiny and sparkly colours!
    Light brown, light purple, light pink...
    All shades of green, and all earthy colours!
  • 9
    Roleplay! It's leafbare. You are patrolling the border, when you see a kit from another Clan, lost and cold. What do you do?
    Bring the kit back to camp, and give it to a nursing queen.
    Laugh at the kit, and leave it in the cold. It shouldn't have left camp anyways.
    Help the kit back to its home!
    Walk straight by, pretending you didn't see it
  • 10
    Last question: Did you enjoy this quiz?
    No, it wasted my time.
    It was okay.
    It was awesome!
    Good quiz!

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Warrior cats from pluto ( 1.164 )
Posted 35 days ago
My name is moonstar am leader my mate is thorntail my kits are moonkit snowkit and bloodkit am in river clan and my mate is in thunderclan cool a got a epic one :3
Flowerwish ( 7.178 )
Posted 54 days ago
sorry about the typo
FlowerIwhs ( 7.178 )
Posted 54 days ago
i have FlowreWish and i am a RC deputy i have 3 kits and a mate and i am like the best cat ever!!
Jenaya robinson ( 86.12 )
Posted 81 days ago
This quiz makes me mad, it keeps remarking my answers and I keep getting riverclan!!!!!!!! 😤
Honey pelt ( 5.198 )
Posted 89 days ago
Ashley Pierce ( 86.51 )
Posted 94 days ago
Cool, but EVERYONE makes these kind of quizzes!!!
FoxCloud ( 1.105 )
Posted 108 days ago
Oh I love the quiz SandFlower sounds beautiful so does her kits LeafKit and PoppyKit ! Her mate is StormCloud sounds like a Nice family !
Cinderfall ( 7.231 )
Posted 137 days ago
At least I'm not a loner!
None (still looking ( .27.5 )
Posted 138 days ago
Keep getting Flowerwish of Riverclan. 😠
redsnow 38748 ( 0.141 )
Posted 144 days ago
Don't like it because I want MY OWN WARRIOR CAT
Cinderfall ( 9.167 )
Posted 166 days ago
Nicee, I've wanted to be a medicine cat! ;3
Mosspool ( 4.233 )
Posted 181 days ago