How soul-crushing was that thing?

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We've all read a terrible book. Not one that was written badly (although if we've read 50 shades then we might have) but one that just hurt us, for weeks on end. Well this quiz will either make you feel better about it or just crush your hopes and dreams. Same goes for movies and TV shows really, but we'll see how this goes.

** When you get your results, you'll be given a 'soul score'. Keep track of these for each of your fandoms. Add them together. When you reach 1000 points, you should probably stop. **

  • 1
    So, you've just delved into /yet another/ fandom, or you've just finished a book or a series of films or a movie, and your insides hurt. You feel like your heart is going to crumble at any second. (I mean just watch the last episode of Merlin and try to tell me you're okay after that). So, at a guess, select an average of how many deaths happened.
    Pretty much everyone died.
    More than 10
    Less than 5.
  • 2
    We've probably established that people died. People die all the time. So, how did the most deaths happen?
    Action (guns, wands, swords, fighting)
    Illness (cancer, slow and painful death)
    They didn't- nobody died.
  • 3
    Did your favourite character die? Were they happy in their final moments?
    They died, and they were sad.
    They died, and they were happy.
    They didn't die.
  • 4
    Did any of the characters have hopes, ambitions, dreams? Did they achieve them?
    They didn't have any.
    They had some, and didn't achieve them all.
    They had some, and didn't achieve any.
    They had some, and achieved them.
  • 5
    OTP time. Did you have an OTP? Were they canon?
    Canon OTP
    No OTP
    Non-canon OTP
  • 6
    Your ships, your OTPs. Did they survive?
    They survived.
    All my ships are dead.
    Half dead.
  • 7
    Is there fanfiction for your fandom?
    Yes, but it's rubbish.
    Only written by myself.
    Yes, and some of it is great.
  • 8
    Is there fanfiction for your OTP?
    Only written by myself.
    Yes, but it's rubbish.
    Yes, and some of it is great.
  • 9
    Is there going to be more?
    ie, More movies, more series, more books? Are they making your book into a movie?
    No, it's over.
    None in the immediate future.
  • 10
    Finally, we've reached the end of this... assessment.
    I cried
    I wanted to die
    It hurt my insides

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