Are you safe online?

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Are you SAFE online? Find out!

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    You’re in your virtual home and some stranger appears and begins asking you strange questions and offers. What do you do?
    I will run away....
    I'll tell that person to get the freak out!
    I will ban, report, and COMPLETELY destroy my account and everything else before anything personal goes out.
    I will do what the person says to stay out of trouble.
  • 2
    You’re in a public place and you happen to see a some kids bullying someone. What do you do?
    I will go up to them and STAND UP to them and help the victim after I report the behavior!
    I will chim in if the kids there bullying a weirdo! Lol!
    I will report it and run away acting normal. When the bullies are gone I will help the victim.
    Try to forget what happen and walk away to stay out of trouble....
  • 3
    A stranger comes up to you and asks you on a date and tells you a certain address in real life. What will you do?
    Being curios I’ll say yes and go to the place.
    I will tell my parents and friends or family closest to the police and tell them. I will also report the person.
    I will say yes and then show up with cops!
    I will say no and walk away.
  • 4
    If a user online that looks like a one of the program created helpers comes up to you and tells you about an amazing offer or tells you that you can become a V.I.P or member online. What will you do?
    I won't take the offer and report the user if I can't report the user then I will still say no just in case if it's a hacker.
    I will run away like an idiot.
    Well the user dose look like a programmed character... I'm gonna have to a least try.
    I will duh it's a FREE offer!
  • 5
    If a member asks you to do a favor for them for their stuff, home, and all there coins, what will you do?
    I will take the offer just so I can stuff
    I won't take and just transport home.
    I will change the bargain or offer into my way
  • 6
    You encounter some weird messages on your messaging wall. You see threats, swears, and pictures of some inappropriate stuff asking you to do what the picture is doing. What will you do?
    I will do it by curiosity
    I will say STALKER! And then erase my account. But I will make new one.
    I will tell the police of a stalker report and tell my parents.
  • 7
    Your online BFF and you are hanging out when she asks if you want to come with her to this real place and she or he begins to tell you the address, there phone number, password, and other personal stuff. What will you do?
    I will tell her it's not a good idea to be telling me what your info is and the I will say I can't meet him or her because I don't them
    I will start saying weird stuff to change the subject.
    I will take advantage of her or his account and mess things up.
  • 8
    Your about to log off when you get another friend request from the same person who's been following you online when you were playing. What do you so?
    I will report him then just log off.
    I will report the person then just tell my parents and put a privacy policy and ban.
    So the person can stop nagging I will take the request!
  • 9
    A user in a public lobby begins to tease you and mock you the whole time and your mind is telling you to go off the dude. What do you do?
    I will tell the user off in a non-threading or rule breaking way but in a saltion kind of way
    I will tell the kid to stop and start to cry and go crazy.
    I will do what my mind tells me to
  • 10
    Are you scared to hear the results?
    Well some what nut I'm still confident
    Not so much..

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