What is your path as a Warrior?

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Find out what your Warrior path is.

  • 1
    Are you male or female?
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  • 2
    What ranking of age do you range in?
  • 3
    What colors are closest to your optics and pelt?
    Brown tabby with amber eyes.
    Pure white pelt with blue eyes.
    Pure black fur and light azure blue gaze.
    Tortoiseshell with green eyes.
  • 4
    A rogue is coming straight for you, and seems aggressive. You...
    Unsheathe your claws and leap into battle.
    Race forward and pin it against the ground, questioning it.
    Screech in terror and dash off towards camp.
    Cower below it, your frame pressed gently against the earth with unease.
  • 5
    The leader needs to elect a new deputy, and it is rumored that you will be next in line. You...
    Puff out your chest with pride and wait below the highrock 'til moonhigh.
    Mumble, shaking your head in thought. You don't want the responsibility.
    Leap in the air with a yowl of excitement. You've waited for this long enough.
    Talk it through with your friends in the clover patch to see if its true or not.
  • 6
    You have fallen in love with a feline from another clan. Your leaders are furious with each other, so border patrols are constant. You...
    Run away with your mate and maybe a few friends to raise your own "clan" far off.
    Cross the border secretly each night, risking being seen or the trust of the deputy.
    Think it over, and decide to get strong and grow apart from them.
    Agree to only meet at gatherings, and try to go back to being friends.
  • 7
    Spottedleaf from StarClan is visiting you in your dreams now. She gives you a prophecy that speaks of the "three". You...
    Think it over for a bit and then tell the leader or medicine cat.
    Keep it a secret and don't say anything to anybody.
    Talk with your friends, maybe tell a high rank.
    Decide it must be a prophecy that means you need to kill a cat from the "three".
  • 8
    A pure black she-cat approaches you silently from the South border. Your patrol is out hunting, and her deep azure gaze is locked upon yours with a wicked smirk upon her maw. You...
    Pull yourself to full height and stare down at the slightly undersized fae, trying to intimidate her.
    Unsheathe your claws and quickly attack, attracting the attention of the patrol.
    Go back to get the patrol and have them attack her, or else.
    You stop her and begin calmly questioning.
  • 9
    Tigerstar and Hawkfrost are invading your dreams. Each dawn you wake up to having a clanmate complain about blood smearing their pelt, and pooling into your nest. You...
    You ask the medicine cat or leader about what you should do.
    Go into a series of paranoia and run away, far off from the limits of the Dark Forest.
    You leave it be. Death seems like the best route to escape the madness.
    Beg him to let you die in your sleep and train under his authority in the Dark Forest.
  • 10
    Your leader is on its last life. You...
    Try giving them the best life they had before, and make peace before battle.
    Worry about whether or not they'll go mad like Bluestar.
    Goad on a battle with another clan and kill them and the deputy in the midst of it.
    Lead them off to a stream and slaughter them.
  • 11
    You find out that a secret group of rogues has been living underneath your camp inside a cave all this time. Many secrets are being revealed to you at awkward moments, and there is nothing left for you to live for. You...
    Risk your life and attack their main authority.
    Immediately tell the leader. They are a danger to the clan.
    Steal one of their kits when none of them are paying any attention and give it to a nursing queen.
    Meet with them in secret each night, exchanging battle tactics and secrets.
  • 12
    Your favorite colors are...
    Any colors of blue, black, grey, and white.
    Purple, red, scarlet, violet, anything "classy".
    Bright neon colors.
    Gentle pastel colors of lavender, pink, green, and blue.
  • 13
    Your favorite warrior cat in this range is...
  • 14
    If you could have anything different in your life, what would it be?
    A gang of people who meet with you in the woods, murdering everyone who encounters your hiding spot.
    Not be fat, and be able to just have a normal, happy life like everyone else.
    My birth parents, happy and well. ..Also alive...
    Caring friends/parents.
  • 15
    Last question. What did you think of this quiz?
    Wanted to know what warrior I am.
    Needed something to pass the time.
    It was okay.

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