How well do you know horses?

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For all of those riders who want to be in the Olympics or win big Eq competitions. The first thing you need is a great partner. Would you like to know if you know how to take care of your partner? Sure. Let's get started!

  • 1
    If you were at a big show and wanted to watch some of your competitors go. Would you...
    Not go watch them and sit with friends and play with horse.
    Leave your horse cooped up in his/her stall.
    Walk him for a couple minutes, put him back then head to the ring.
    Walk your horse to the ring and let it graze while watching.
    Let someone get on your horse and exercise while you watch the ring.
  • 2
    After a hot show day, you want to sit and relax. What would you do for your horse?
    Hand your horse to a groom and sit down.
    Do nothing to your hose when you are finished and take a nap.
    Walk your horse to a bench and sit while he grazes.
    Take full care of your horse and then relax
  • 3
    Your horse starts prancing and spooking on your way to the ring. You....
    You start trotting to get his energy out.
    Smack him and punish him for youthful behavior.
    You walk him in circles and comfort him.
    You do nothing and let him be wild.
  • 4
    When you are in your ring. Your horse starts to spook at one of the decorations and you...
    Do nothing. Let him spook and be thrown off.
    Smack him and yell.
    Put on more leg and comfort him and let him know that you are there for him.
  • 5
    When your horse is wild in his stall you...
    Give him grain or hay to calm him down.
    Walk him in circles.
    Tell him to be quiet and quit behaving like a filly.
    Talk him out for a stroll and have a soft lunge session.
  • 6
    Your horse does not like other horses you are standing in the middle of the ring waiting for results and he starts prancing and stepping backwards. You....
    Do nothing and have your horse annoy other horses.
    Calm your body and pat him to make him feel safe and move areas.
    Kick him and yell at him.
  • 7
    When you are getting a new horse, you want to look for the package. Not everything will come good. Which one would you choose?
    A mean, grumpy mare who causes trouble and never tries her hardest.
    A pretty jumper and mover who hates other people and horses.
    A friendly horse and a hard working horse who try's his best but isn't blue ribbon worthy.
  • 8
    You want to ride your horse but he has a hurt foot, you...
    Lunge him then do nothing to the foot and leave him be.
    Take care of his foot, walk him around and have some nice bonding time.
    Do nothing and ride him anyways.
  • 9
    Your horse was acting up in the schooling ring before you show. You would want to...
    Ride him until he is too tired to show.
    Ride him until he understands who is boss and he has to behave.
    Smack him and tell him he is not in charge.
  • 10
    Your horse has a very bad sickness 3 days before the biggest show of your life. You...
    Take him to the show and take care of him but still ride him.
    Ride him anyways.
    Take him out of the show, find a new one to show and take care of your horse first

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