Would You Survive Serial Killers?

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Assume one night, after the Sun has set, there is a knock at your door. You open it, and there is a masked man with a meat cleaver. He raises it. What would you do?

  • 1
    As the man raises his weapon, you notice a well-made knife to your right. What do you do?
    I stab the man in the shoulder, then grab the cleaver from his hand and cut his head off. Then, I drink the blood from his neck
    I grab the knife, then run like Hell.
    I run like Hell.
    I grab the knife, fake out the man, then take his weapon and run for my fucking life.
    I grab the knife, stab the man in the neck, then take his weapon
  • 2
    You run to your back door. You have the Cleaver and the Knife. You open the door, trying to escape, and see another killer. What do you do?
    Stab the guy multiple times in the chest, then run like Hell.
    Chop the guy's arm off, then run like Hell.
    Cut the guy's head off, then run like Hell.
    Run like Hell.
    Cut the guy's head off, then drink the blood from his neck.
  • 3
    You realize these guys are all flesh-eating zombies, and that the entire neighbourhood has been infested with them. What do you do?
    Lock all your doors, and hide under your bed, sucking your thumb like a pussy.
    Gather up all the canned food and bottled water in your house you can find, getting tons of weapons, then jump into your car and drive for the next town
    Go into your garage, get in your car, and drive off, not even thinking to get supplies.
    Begin gathering up plenty of supplies, then jump out your window and run like Hell.
    Grab all of your guns, knives, and other weaponry in your house. Get plenty of supplies. Get out, and begin killing zombies.
  • 4
    Suddenly, a bunch of the zombies break in and begin attacking you. You:
    Realize that resistance is futile, and kill yourself.
    Bust out your trusty old Louisville Slugger, and start beating the shit out of zombies.
    Begin laughing hysterically, and pull out a pistol
    Cry for your mommy
    Pull out a rusty old knife, then begin stabbing zombies.
  • 5
    You manage to beat the zombies, then wonder how you'll get out of this place. What do you do?
    Grab all your weapons, jump out the window, and start beating the shit out of zombies as you run around, rescuing the survivors.
    You make sure you have everything you need, then jump in the car.
    You killed yourself, remember?
    You are covered in zombie bites, so you go join in eating survivors. You'll be a zombie soon enough, anyways.
    You were too much of a pussy. The zombies killed you.
  • 6
    Zombies stop you in your path. What do you do?
    Keep on driving, in hopes that you will kill the zombies.
    Grin scornfully, then continue beating the shit out of zombies.
    Zombie, remember?
  • 7
    You come across other survivors. One of them appears to have been bitten, but he is helpless. What do you do?
    Help the survivors, and leave just enough food and water for the bitten man to survive for a week.
    Take the survivors with you, bitten-man included. Keep an eye on the man, in case he should, indeed, turn.
    Eat the survivors, and pat my fellow zombie-to-be on the back.
  • 8
    The survivors turn out to be very helpful. One day, you are all confronted with an enormous horde of zombies, guarding the gates to the last infection-free town in the world. What do you do?
    Lay down, because you're ALREADY DEAD, DUMBASS!
    Throw the weakest of the survivors out as zombie fodder, then charge in blindly.
    You are part of that horde. You run forth with your fellow zombies and attempt to eat the survivors.
    Grin at the zombies, and pull out your RPG-7. "Bring it on, Undead Scum." You say.
  • 9
    The zombies are all dead, and you've been elected as leader of the survivors. What is your first order of business?
    You're dead, because you were one of the zombies.
    Your first order of business is to find as much clean food and water, then make sure all the zombies are truly dead.
    You're dead.
    You barely survived the charge, and most people are very ill, so you demand they try and find medicine.
  • 10
    The outbreak has been over for 5 years now. You now have 2 beautiful children, a son and a daughter. You notice that the world is returning to normal. What do you do?
    You send in a nuke to your old hometown. What, there's nothing wrong with doing a thorough job!
    You're dead.
    You smile and kiss your children on the cheeks.
    Dead Zombie.

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