What warrior Clan are you?

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Ever wondered what warriors Clan you would be? Find out here!

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    Your deputy is old, and your leader is convinced he/she is going to die soon, and when they do, your leader won't know who to pick as deputy. What do you do?
    Do extra-good deeds so your leader will have to choose you to be deputy.
    Kill your deputy and blame it on another Clan, making sure to leave lots of evidence that suggest that Clan did it. Now your leader will pick you because you found the deputy's murderer!
    Care less about the deputy. If he dies, I'll take his place!
    Care for your deputy, and if he dies and your leader doesn't choose you as deputy, respect your leader's choice. There'll be another chance someday, right?
  • 2
    You are on patrol with your Clan leader, your friend, and your mate, when you are attacked by an enemy Clan. Your Clan leader is in danger of falling into the river, and StarClan knows she can't swim, but your friend is trapped and your mate is injured. You see another patrol from your Clan nearby. What do you do?
    Let them fend for themselves, they're strong warriors.
    Save your leader, he/she has to lead the Clan, and you have a treacherous deputy! He/she must survive!
    Save your mate, he/she is the one you love!
    Save your friend, he/she has been with you through everything!
    Send someone from that patrol for help, while asking the others in that patrol to drive the enemy Clan off. That way, you save everybody!
  • 3
    It is an extremely hot day and nobody has the energy to get water or go hunting. What do you do?
    Tell your leader you're going hunting and rush to tell the enemy Clan you've been conspiring with exactly how to attack your clan.
    Get supplies for myself first!
    Leave them be and hope it warms up. You're too tired to do anything.
    Get a group of the strongest warriors to go hunt and collect water. Go with them, of course!
  • 4
    Your Clan is waiting for a surprise attack from an enemy Clan of cats, and you have free time. What do you do?
    Go for a training session with your apprentice. They'll need to be strong for the battle!
    Go and discuss your Clan's weaknesses with the enemy Clan. You're behind the attack!
    Discuss battle techniques with fellow warriors.
  • 5
    You discover a pile of stray feathers while on patrol. Further on, you find the body of a bird. There is enemy clan scent all over it. What do you do?
    Inform the leader. He/she will discuss this matter with the leader of the enemy Clan.
    Launch an attack on that Clan. They've been hunting on your territory!
    Interrogate the next patrol from that enemy Clan.
  • 6
    You are in love with a cat from another Clan, and your worst enemy knows. It just so happens that your worst enemy is your Clan leader's favorite cat. What do you do?
    Admit your love to the leader and beg for mercy. Couldn't you have your mate and still be loyal to your Clan? You'd never join any other Clan!
    Kill your worst enemy. Who cares if he's the leader's favorite cat? You hate him!
    Secretly meet with your mate at Fourtrees. It isn't anyone's territory!
    Tell your mate you can't love them anymore. You have to be loyal to your Clan!
  • 7
    It is bitterly cold and the Clan is huddled up in the camp. You are asked to do several tasks. They are:
    1. Go on a patrol to see if you can find food
    2. Collect catnip for the medicine cat. Many cats have whitecough AND greencough
    3. Take your apprentice out for a training session
    Ignore all of the requests and sleep. You're too tired to do anything.
    Go on the patrol. You can get catnip and train your apprentice some other day.
    Get the catnip. Many cats are sick!
    Do all of these tasks as best you can. Your Clan needs you to be busy!
    Train your apprentice. The Clan needs strong warriors!
  • 8
    Your worst enemy accuses you of doing something you didn't do, and discusses it with your leader. What do you do?
    Discuss this matter with your leader and work out a deal. You didn't do anything!
    Kill your worst enemy. How dare they falsely accuse you of something!
    Accept the punishment you receive and know that you are innocent.
  • 9
    You have just discovered that a kit has gone missing. What do you do?
    Inform the leader. They'll do something!
    Send someone to find it. You're too lazy to go yourself.
    Who cares?
    Take a patrol immediately to search for the kit. You can't let it die!
  • 10
    You have discovered that your mate, from another Clan, has given birth to your kits. What do you do?
    Invite your mate to join your Clan. That way, you can see your kits every day!
    Ignore your mate and your kits. You didn't mean to fall in love with him/her in the first place!
    You aren't scared of your leader, so you let them find out and let them work out something with your mate's Clan's leader.

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