Lord of the Rings

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Hey, this is and easy to medium Lord of the Rings quiz. Do not even try if you haven't read books.

  • 1
    In the forest Tom Bombadil helps the hobbits. Fatty Lumpkin is what?
  • 2
    Frodo is stabbed by a Nazgul. What happens?
    He puts on the Ring and he is stabbed anyway.
    He tries to use a friend as a shield.
    He tries to escape riding Bill.
    He is running and the horse catches him.
    He is fighting and loses.
  • 3
    How does Sam get Bill?
    A mean old man in Bree sells him for an unfair price.
    Mr. Butterbur gives him Bill to make up for his mistake.
    He buys him from Mr. Butterbur.
    He steals him from a mean person.
  • 4
    What is Butterbur's mistake?
    He sets Frodo on fire.
    He forgets to give Frodo Gandalf's letter.
    He tells someone about Frodo's Ring.
  • 5
    What are Gandal's last words before he falls in Moria?
    "That Balrog couldn't take me. HE'S GOT ME! HELP!"
    "Run, you fools!"
  • 6
    Who is the lord of Lothlorien?
    Lord Bilbo
    Lord Celeborn
    Lord Elrond
  • 7
    What does Merry say to the Ents?
    "You have to help us! The wizard is evil?"
    "Help me, please!"
    "But we need you! Don't you care?"
    "You're part of this world? Aren't you?"
  • 8
    What did the ghosts do to the king of Gondor?
    They betray him by slaughtering his people.
    They abandoned him when he called for the help.
    They tried to kill him.
  • 9
    Who is Hasufel?
    Gandalf's horse.
    Aragorn's loved one.
    Legolas's horse from the Rohirrim.
    Aragorn's horse from the Rohirrim.
  • 10
    What has happened to the Shire when the hobbits return?
    It is the same as usual.
    It is destroyed.
    It is overrun by men.
    Saruman has taken over and made the hobbits slaves.

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