What is your IQ?

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This test will measure your IQ. Are you smart? OK? Stupid? Take this quiz and find out.

  • 1
    What does IQ stand for?
    Intelligence Quadrant
    Intelligence Quotient
    International Quack
  • 2
    A brick wall exists
    Altitude: About 6 stories

    Will the top bricks or bottom bricks turn black first?
  • 3
    4 children have 1.5 pieces of sucking candy. How muck sucking candy does each student obtain?
    The can't have 1.5 candies in the first place, but the answer is .375
  • 4
    What is the square root of 16?
  • 5
    A line on the map is 3 cm, in length. If the scale is 10 cm=1 m, what is the actual distance?
    30 cm
    .4 cm
    What is going on here?
    .3 cm
  • 6
    A person is committing suicide. If the victim's mass is 35 kg, and the height of the building he is jumping from is the height of the Eiffel Tower, what is his potential energy?
    What is Potential energy?
    What is g-force equal to?
  • 7
    The Eiffel Tower is___m tall.
    1050 ft
    3110.6 meters
    324. meters
    320. meters
  • 8
    An electron is a(n)...
    An ion
    Subatomic particle with a negative charge
    Subatomic particle with a positive charge
    Subatomic particle with a neutral charge
  • 9
  • 10
    If p= I am hungry, than ~p=__
    I am hungry
    I am NOT hungry
    I am neither hungry nor full

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yer granma ( 05.16 )
Posted 238 days ago
you also cannot spell, you make "questions" that lack any coherence and do not make any sense...example... what is the actual distance? Actual distance of what? You simply offer an equation but that does not define "the distance"... think about it... and a person committing suicide? How stupid- they don't have any energy - because they are dead!
Zubair Aslam. ( 4.215 )
Posted 310 days ago
This very good way to gain knowlage.