Which Dance Moms Girl are you most like?

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Take this quiz to find out which dancer you are most like from Lifetime's hit TV show, Dance Moms!

  • 1
    Which style of dance is your favorite to perform?
    Anything fun and lively!
    Lyrical and Tap
    Musical Theatre
    Contemporary and Lyrical
  • 2
    How do your teacher treat you?
    As if you don't enjoy what you are doing
    As the "favorite"
    Negatively, however they know you have potential
    As if you are talented, but you are sometimes ignored
    You are always placed on the backburner
  • 3
    How would you describe your personality?
  • 4
    What do you look like?
    Dark brown hair and brown eyes
    Light brown hair and blue eyes
    Blonde hair and brown eyes
    Blonde hair and blue eyes
    Dark brown hair and green eyes
  • 5
    How old are you?
  • 6
    What is one thing that is stellar about your dancing?
    Your energy
    Your turns
    Your flexibility
    Your expressions
    Your confidence
  • 7
    How does your mother normally act?
    Quite loud, and very strong willed
    Strong-minded and stubborn
    Quiet, with underlying tones
    Quiet, reserved and very wise
  • 8
    What siblings do you have?
    Only child
    One younger sister
    One younger sister, one younger brother
    Two older brothers
    One older brother, one older sister
  • 9
    Which dancer do you think you are most like?
  • 10
    Which dancer do you want to be the most like?
  • 11
    What does my mom get into fights most about?
    That I am stereotyped
    That my costume isn't proper or age appropriate
    The other mothers
    That I was called a poor name
    That I don't get deserved attention

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Mayra ( 3.170 )
Posted 65 days ago
I got Maddie and jojo is ass
secert life of maddie ( 2.100 )
Posted 78 days ago
I got maddie i love her shes the best dancer ever i mean who doesn't
stavros ( 6.154 )
Posted 80 days ago
i got chloe i love her but maddie is the best
Yasmin ( 2.166 )
Posted 91 days ago
I got Paige and Chloe weird but cool
olivia ( 25.78 )
Posted 97 days ago
i want to tap dance like maddie
Gisela ( 4.245 )
Posted 101 days ago
I got maddie se is my favorite evento mackenzie But mostly maddie:)
Jaileena ( 0.168 )
Posted 106 days ago
i love to dance, but i have two younger brothers that are naughty and messes me up:( but i am happy that i am MADDIE :)
Seonaid ( 1.129 )
Posted 110 days ago
I got Maddie! I love her so much! :)
Makayle ( 5.103 )
Posted 118 days ago
I got Maddie and that right I'm like Maddie I use my face when I dance
Kennady ( 76.77 )
Posted 123 days ago
I like dancing so much😃😃😃😃😃😃😃
madison ( 1.101 )
Posted 124 days ago
you go girl i wish there was a newer quiz that had brynn in it aswell
Grace ( 7.129 )
Posted 124 days ago
I got Paige. I wish there was a newer quiz that has Brynn, Mackenzie, Kalani, and Jojo
madison ( 57.65 )
Posted 125 days ago
i have got maddie brooke and chloe i am trying to gets mackenzie paige nia jojo kalani and different dancers i really want to join on dance moms but maddie and mackenzie are my favourite dancers i wish i was like them and i can not believe that they are leaving i am so so so sad i love them so much and the other girls will always miss them and probaly cry
madison ( 57.65 )
Posted 125 days ago
i just got maddie am soo happy
madison ( 57.65 )
Posted 125 days ago
i just got chloe and i love her but i wish i could get someone else cause i am like a number one fan cause i watch them everyday
madison ( 57.65 )
Posted 125 days ago
i just got brook i wish i got mackenzie or maddie
Jade ( 53.72 )
Posted 125 days ago
I am a huge dance mom fan I hav e seen every season😄I have been taking a lot mom tests and everyone I have been Maddie I am glad because she is my favorite😜I would love to meet her one day✏️
Leah ( 3.101 )
Posted 131 days ago
I love all the dancers I want to be like all of them
bryanna ( 0.210 )
Posted 137 days ago
I love Maddie and choel lok at sesonse 6 and see so so so so so funn
bryanna ( 0.210 )
Posted 137 days ago
I love Maddie she is like my fav and jojo I like bommerang