Body-Mind Relationship Quiz

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The relationship between your body and your mind is THE most important of your life; it's also fraught with tension, complications and mutual misunderstandings. Find out how well you and your body get along!

  • 1
    Your alarm goes off at 7 AM. You:
    Take your time getting up, turn on some music, and enjoy the sunlight streaming through the windows.
    Were already awake; you've been up for a few hours and have accomplished a lot.
    Have several errands to run and a major project hanging fire, so you shower and dress as quickly as possible and rush out the door.
    Are filled with profound despair; you've hardly slept all night, and are still exhausted. Now you've got to decide whether to call in sick or not.
    Hit the snooze a few times, then stagger into the shower.
  • 2
    Nothing but coffee before noon--unless you're going out to brunch, in which case it's eggs Benedict and two or three mimosas.
    Eggs, bacon, grits or toast or pancakes, coffee and a lot of it.
    Whole grains, fruit, really good tea, an egg or two.
    Just coffee.
    Herbal tea and something gluten-free.
  • 3
    Someone is smoking at the table next to yours.
    Discreetly move to a table as far away as possible.
    Make a really big fuss. Don't these people know that secondhand smoke kills? You'll have a headache for the rest of the day, already.
    Don't notice.
    You bum a cigarette. You've practically quit, but if the opportunity is there, what the hey?
    Kind of like the smell. It reminds you of your grandparents.
  • 4
    Do you have food allergies or sensitivities?
    A few. I generally avoid the things that give me a reaction, but occasionally I indulge anyway.
    Maybe. I get these major headaches, and the occasional scary rash, and someone told me that this could be food-related, but I've never tried any kind of test. Just don't have the time.
    None, thank goodness!
    What's a 'food sensitivity'?
    Tons. The list of things I can't eat would fill a book. I have to do most of my own cooking, and there are only a few stores I can even shop in.
  • 5
    You're planning a hiking trip with a group of friends.
    I pack my own meals, since I won't be able to eat any of that crap the others are bringing.
    Hiking? You have GOT to be kidding me!
    I bring the booze. After covering 15-20 miles at a vigorous pace, we'll be ready to party!
    I prefer to hike alone.
    I let the other people plan the route; I make sure that we have nutritious meals and that all the gear is in good shape.
  • 6
    Do you work out?
    Yes, I'm training for a triathlon.
    I don't own a car, so I walk or bike everywhere. I go to the occasional yoga class, but hate the gym.
    My arms have gotten really strong from pushing my own wheelchair.
    Not really. I know I should.
    Two or three times a week. I should probably do more.
  • 7
    You have a headache.
    This is your fault.
    I take a couple of Excedrin and keep working.
    This must be because I ate that thing.
    Wow, I've been under a lot of stress lately. Better back off and take a nap.
    I get migraines all the time. They're incapacitating. I have to lie in a dark room in complete quiet until they're over; they sometimes last for days.
  • 8
    How much sleep do you need?
    Sleeping more than five hours is a waste of time. Sometimes I fall asleep at work, wake up and keep working.
    Six to eight hours.
    Nine hours or more.
    I have a lot of trouble sleeping; my brain won't quit spinning, and I'm often in a lot of pain.
    More than I get.
  • 9
    Do you have any chronic health problems?
    A few, but I keep them under control with diet and exercise.
    Not that I know of. Except that getting old sucks.
    Some serious ones, which I keep under partial control with a severely restricted diet, a rigid exercise regimen, supplements and avoiding chemicals.
    Probably. I haven't been to the doctor in over a decade, though.
    Do NOT get me started. I take enough medications to open my own pharmacy.
  • 10
    How are your dreams?
    I guess I have dreams. Don't remember them much.
    Usually I don't remember my dreams, but every now and then I'll have a doozy.
    I dream about sex.
    Cinematic, detailed, extended dreams in color about all kinds of crazy things. Some of them are precognitive.
    Frequent, vivid nightmares. I often get insomnia because I'm afraid to go back to sleep.
  • 11
    Humans have domesticated animals and used them for food since before recorded history. There's got to be a good reason for that. Besides, life isn't worth living without the occasional bacon taco.
    Vegans are crazy.
    You have GOT to be effing kidding me.
    Yes. It's criminal what humans do to animals.
    I go back and forth with it. I think it's good for me, but every now and then I can't resist the Brie.
  • 12
    Have you ever tried skydiving? Any interest in doing so?
    It might be kind of fun, but I haven't got the budget.
    Er, no. No no no no no no no.
    Yeah! Woo-hoo!
    It was required in basic training. I've still got a limp from the time my parachute malfunctioned and I landed in a tree.
    No, but I recently learned to do a headstand without using the wall.

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