What LOTR character are you?

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Elf, Human, or Orc, which one are you?

Are you an Elf with a peaceful heart?

Are you a Man with a short but full life?

Or could you be an Orc which features in vile pits?

  • 1
    You are sitting at your table in the cafeteria when suddenly your friend starts yelling at you. This is not the first time. A few people laugh.
    Try to stay calm and focus on eating. Showing weakness will lure them like sharks to blood.
    You grab their arm under the table and twist it until they apologize. They deserve it!
    You yell back. Heck, why not? Show them you're sick of it!
  • 2
    Your parents give your room a totally sweet makeover. Then they say,"Hey, guess what? Your little sister is moving in with you!

    (Your little sister is a brat.)
    You tell your parents....
    Shut your pie hole, RIGHT NOW!
    Can you please explain why this is needed?
    WHAT? Oh no, PLEASE NO....
  • 3
    A kid that you have no interest in whatsoever admits he/she really likes you.

    You think...
    "OH GREAT... Everybody's going to tease me for a month about this..."
    "THE NERVE! I'll KILL him for this!"
    "How can I settle this diplomatically?"
  • 4
    A really unpopular kid that you saw a few times at school just saw you at a McDonalds and is telling everyone that you are their BFF.
    You decide to...
    Let them talk-It's not hurting anyone, and it makes them happy!
    Turn and yell at them, "Shut up! I hate you!"
    Turn red and order and eat as quickly as possible. If anyone at school hears about this...
  • 5
    You get a class reading assignment at school. At first you groan, triangular the your eyes light up when you realize an option is...
    Clifford the Big Red Dog. Go Clifford! This will only take a second!
    A Stranger in a Strange Land. Lots of guts and action!
    A History of the Arts. Wow!
  • 6
    You go to the store with your mom. AGAIN!
    You are supremely bored until you pass the candy aisle and see...
    Biscotti! Excellent in a drink like tea or coffee...
    A JUMBO BAG! (Please Mommy, please please PLEASE....
    OOH! I love those candied ants, so fun to gross people out...
  • 7
    Your dad lays a list of travel brochures in front of the couch.
    He says,"Choose."
    You immediately grab...
    Florida beach! So amazing...
    Texas, Texas has the Alamo.....
    I <3 NY! NY ROCKS!
  • 8
    Why did you choose this quiz?
    I wondered what my results would be..
    This one is at least my 50th...
    Why are you asking nosy questions?
  • 9
    Oh, by the way, quiz was the first word without any origin. It started when this guy chalked the letters Q U I Z onto many houses in the-in the town...
    NERD.. ......
    Er, pardon me, but what does this have to do with LOTR?
  • 10
    Sorry. So anyway, the last question-

    If you were discovered as a spy for another country and were about to be executed, your last words would be...
    "I only regret that I have but the one life to lose for my country."
    "I didn't do it, I really didn't, please, PLEASE don't kill me.....

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